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Treating Bronchitis with Acupuncture

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The western world is now more interested in acupuncture than ever before due to people’s growing awareness of the harmful effects pharmaceutical products have on the body. Acupuncture is a healing system that has been used for thousand of years to treat several kinds of conditions. People who have no idea what acupuncture is may find it a bit bizarre that a treatment to relieve health problems such as bronchitis need to use needles to treat the problem.

My First Experience with Acupuncture

My first encounter with acupuncture was more of an adventure since I literally knew very little about this therapy. I had no idea as to why it should work at all and the only thing I know about it is that some of my friends had reaped significant health benefits from it.

My first acupuncture treatment was for the pain in my back. It was a severe type of pain that had me having long sleepless nights. One session of acupuncture and the pain was gone! This incredible experience made me curious as to how acupuncture really works.

Two Schools Of Thought as to Why Acupuncture Works

Two schools of thought explain the effectiveness of acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture believes that the acupuncture needles inserted into acupuncture points in the body help stimulate the movement of energy known as qi in the body. This belief is an ancient medical philosophy espoused by Chinese medicine usually termed as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM states that good health stems from the normal flow of qi coursing all over the body through energy channels known as meridians.

TCM believes that qi travels along 12 main meridians in the body and if the flow becomes imbalanced, disease can develop. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine often utilize a number of diagnostic tools and usually perform acupuncture therapy to commence treatment and complement their acupuncture with herbal therapy.

The other school of thought is medical acupuncture. Adherents of this practice believe that the needles are used to stimulate the patient’s central nervous system which then produces and releases beneficial chemicals and hormones.

Acupuncture Can Help Treat Bronchitis

Whatever school of though you believe in or whether you are a realist who only believe what you can see (or feel), in this instance, a lot of those who have experienced acupuncture have had their bronchitis symptoms significantly alleviated. In fact, besides that, acupuncture had enabled them to ward off future attacks and help boost the function of their lungs.

What Is Bronchitis?

The bronchi are the part of the body considered as the lung’s main airways. If they become infected, they become irritated and inflamed and will then manifest symptoms that characterize bronchitis. One particular symptom of bronchitis is a hacking cough that may come with yellowish-gray colored mucus.

Bronchitis According to the Viewpoint of TCM

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine state that bronchitis can be either the result of external or internal pathogenic factors.

Seasonal pathogens fall into the external pathogenic factor category while internal organ disorders are considered internal pathogen category. Usually, acute bronchitis is the result of external factors while chronic bronchitis often is due to internal factors.

Treating Bronchitis with Acupuncture

There is still no known cure for chronic bronchitis. Most of bronchitis sufferers are able to properly manage their condition at home. The immune system benefits greatly from acupuncture therapy as the treatment strengthens the system well enough assisting the body to regain the balance of its body systems. The function of the lungs is also bolstered. After undergoing the required number of acupuncture sessions, these elements are experienced fully.

Acupuncture helps strengthen the immune system and places the patient’s entire health system back into balance. Lung function will be strengthened after the number of treatment sessions is done and these main elements become stronger and more balanced. This makes the body healthy enough to repel any future infections and attacks.

The number of inflammation of secretions is lessened with acupuncture, as well as the congestion and the body’s sensitivity to chemical or physical irritants or allergens. The number of sessions may depend after diagnosis of the condition has been made. This may differ from patient to patient due to physiology, symptoms and other factors. Usually, in acute bronchitis, a few sessions are needed while chronic bronchitis may entail around 10 to 15 sessions.


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