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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments for Hashimoto’s Disease

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Hashimoto’s disease results in a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland eventually causing primary hypothyroidism. Blood tests are conducted to measure the amounts of TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone in the body. Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition causing symptoms such as depression, joint pain, hip muscle and shoulder aches, weight gain, hoarse voice, puffy and swollen face, sensitivity to cold, and tiredness. Hashimoto’s disease causes enlargement of the thyroid gland resulting in a swelling of the neck or goiter.

The pituitary gland attempts to activate the thyroid that creates more TSH that then leads the enlargement of the thyroid. This article will discuss the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on Hashimoto’s disease and traditional healing methods to treat this condition. How does
TCM view weight gain, puffy face, coldness, tiredness and other symptoms of Hashimoto’s?

According to TCM, the above-mentioned symptoms can be categorized into a pattern known as yang deficiency syndrome. Cold signs will arise when the yang becomes deficient. Yang signifies warmth and represents the sun. Usually, heat rises and if it can’t go to the face, the face will turn pale and fluid circulation stagnate causing fluid buildup that then results in a puffy face. Tiredness sets in when yang becomes cold and weak as yang supplies heat and energy in the body.

Goiter According to TCM

In TCM, goiter can develop from more than one disease mechanism. Complication arising from yang deficiency is one such mechanism. This is a complication that results in a buildup of damp. If the body does not have enough fire to circulate and warm the fluids, they can accumulate and congeal. Ancient Japanese and Chinese doctors viewed goiters as damp and phlegm nodules. Thousands of years before western scientists discovered iodine in seaweed, they were already using seaweed (kun bu) to treat goiter.

Can the Autoimmune Aspect of Hashimoto’s Disease be treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Some practitioners trained in traditional acupuncture utilize a TCM technique known as the eight extraordinary vessels (meridians). The vessels are deemed to be important components in accessing the patient’s constitutional strength and acupuncturists utilize them to address a wide range of chronic diseases. The ren and the chong are a couple of these special eight energy vessels that are frequently used for conditions affecting women and can be utilized to treat Hashimoto’s disease as this disease seems to affect women more than men.

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