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Things You May Not Know the Spleen is Associated with

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The spleen doesn’t get a lot of respect as far as Western medicine is involved. After all, a person can still live even without a spleen, right? The spleen plays a role in producing antibodies, and in creating and filtering blood; other organs take over the job if it is damaged. However in TCM in Overland Park, the spleen plays several extremely important roles.

The spleen, first and foremost, is connected with the blood – it holds the blood in the vessels. Issues in which the blood is not being contained appropriately such as easy bruising or varicose veins can be traced back to issues in the spleen. This “holding” function also covers the raised into the position they are meant to be in and keeping things in the body held in check. Thus a weak spleen will result in hernia, hemorrhoids, or prolapse of an organ.

It is also the spleen that controls the fluids of the body and is very much involved in digestion. The following are all spleen issues: loose stools, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and even edema (water retention). Digestive issues associated with the spleen are often followed by snakelike and long bowel movements.

The muscles are also controlled by the spleen. A deficiency of the spleen can lead to flaccid weak muscles as well as to weight issues, because the food simply does not move if the spleen is not processing foods properly. The body will suffer from a sluggish metabolism if the movement of food in the body is not moving properly and we all know what a sluggish metabolism can lead to.

The spleen from an emotional perspective is our nurturing and soft motherly side. This organ is connected to an obsession about things, overdoing for others, and over-thinking. The aspect of “holding in” covers the psychological aspect, as well: individuals who have a difficult time letting go, emotionally or otherwise, may need treatment for their spleen. People who tend to hoard things (old newspapers, bric-a-brac, clothing, etc.) may be suffering from spleen deficiency. So is the mother who at the thought of her middle-aged son leaving the nest overprotects her child and worries herself silly.

The spleen can cause and be damaged by over-thinking. So, if you have a weak spleen, you may be the type of person who can’t sleep because you’re holding on to a disagreement that happened a week ago. Unfortunately, if you keep on worrying more and more about it, the more your spleen becomes weak. Well now you have an idea why people who worry over small things tend to suffer from various digestive problems.

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February 14th, 2017 at 1:13 pm

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