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The Efficacy Of Ear Acupuncture In Weight Loss

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Losing weight through ear acupuncture has actually been practiced for hundreds of years even if the thought of sticking needles into different parts of the outer ear sounds bizarre or strange.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the ear is a micro-system with pressure points that are associated with some vital organs in the body. Once needles are stuck into these points, appetite can be restrained and a person’s overeating and food binging can be prevented while his/her metabolism can be speeded up.

In treating weight loss with ear acupuncture, the stimulation of the ear points causes the release of endorphins that generates a calming effect will that can relieve frustration, anxiety, and stress. These feelings are what actually cause cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods and overeating.

Laser acupuncture of the ear is a newer version of ear acupuncture. In lieu of needles, laser energy is focused on the same acupoints in this type of treatment. The endorphins also affect the hormonal and digestive systems that lead to a rebalance of these systems and contribute to a regulation of appetite and a reduction of food cravings.

The rebalance of the hormonal and digestive systems also leads to a faster metabolism and a stronger will to resist temptation from eating unhealthy foods and overeating.

Boosting the Effectiveness of Ear Acupuncture for Losing Weight in Cleveland

With a tack preceding the insertion of a needle, the ear acupuncture points are activated. A magnet or bead is adhered to the acupuncture point promoting the enhancement of its effectiveness after the insertion of the needle. The patient is advised to exert mild pressure to the magnet or bead if he/she begins to feel the pangs of hunger during the process of the therapy. In this manner, the patient can curb his/her appetite with the release of endorphins.

More often than not, the treatment programme is scheduled once or two times a week for two to three months; therefore, it entails of bit of time for the patient to achieve his/her desired weight. The efficacy of ear acupuncture treatment for weight loss nowhere translates to a cure-all or miracle for losing unwanted weight. In order to lose weight with ear acupuncture, one needs to include an exercise regimen and a healthy diet into the treatment programme.

The capacity of ear acupuncture in assisting a person to attain a desired quick reduction of weight lies in the ability of the person to manage his/her food cravings. Certain ear acupoints that are associated with the endocrine system for water retention, the lung for sugar and food addicts, and the mouth for impulsive eaters, are all vital in the success of ear acupuncture treatment for weight loss.

For optimal results, breathing techniques and Chinese herbal therapies can be combined with ear acupuncture.

Ear acupuncture treatment to lose weight is real and is a time-tested way to achieve your desired weight. This treatment is a great way to achieve weight loss goals quickly and easily more than one can expect especially when it’s combined with exercise routine and a healthy diet and other types of natural treatments.

Written by Valerie

November 14th, 2017 at 4:59 pm