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The Chinese Five Elements System And The Meridian System In The Body

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The meridian system uses the Chinese Five Elements system as its infrastructure. This Five Elements model, developed in Asia for over thousands of years, is what Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, and several other modes of treatment are based on.

These Asian modes of treatment, refined in a culture that sees the body as a self balancing system that in case of an imbalance, necessitates action to help the body rebalance itself. Rather than the Western concepts of disease or pathology, it’s all about pattern.

You can use an acupuncture diagram to know where the meridians are located in the body. However, these meridians are not really visible in the body. You wouldn’t be able to find tiny tubes through which chi or vital energy moves, unlike veins through which blood flows. However, research done suggests a quantifiable change in electric charge on specific points on the body which conform to the points that have been mapped on acupuncture diagrams. Research has also determined skin surface conductivity which suggests a conductivity change around the mapped acupuncture points. Unfortunately, Western science does not follow the energy model concept of a system or the body which considers the spirit/ mind/body as a whole instead of the affected part of the body affected and so is inclined to discard it as fantasy.

Meridians are the channels of energy that radiate around and throughout the body, which the Ancient Asians noticed, utilized and continue to use up to the present.

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Written by Valerie

April 10th, 2018 at 4:42 am