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The Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture Miami

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Cosmetic Acupuncture Miami seems to be a relatively new way of looking good but, in fact, it has been used for several decades in Asia.  Many anecdotes abound of Hollywood actors and actresses using acupuncture prior undergoing cosmetic surgery.  Even some cosmetic surgeons have confessed to undergoing acupuncture therapy just before they themselves get cosmetic surgery.  All these surgeons would recommend to their clients getting acupuncture treatment first before cosmetic surgery to make their skin healthier, pliable, and more responsive to surgery.

When skin is injured, the body produces and releases collagen into the injured area to repair it.  With cosmetic acupuncture, collagen is produced and released by the use of several very thin needles to the face.  The strategic placement of the needles makes it possible for the collagen to go to the target area to better skin quality in that area.  The needles also cause the muscles to contract thereby making the muscles and skin tighter. This helps reduce any sagging caused by aging.

Each patient has a unique skin quality and factors such as skin problems, genetic skin disorders, poor diet and sun damage will also likely wreak varying damages per person.  Of course, when the skin has been properly taken care of, treatment for cosmetic acupuncture will show quick and more quality results.  Age can also quicken results and individuals in their 40’s or 50’s have skin that respond very well to acupuncture.  Women in an older age group also can avail of cosmetic although there might be more sessions involved in their case.

Quicker results do not mean the instant and overnight results that cosmetic surgery offers.  Since cosmetic acupuncture assists the body to heal and make itself better in a natural way, the process takes typically three months before patients can see any improvement in their features.  But when the results become evident, the change has a more natural and vibrant glow on the person unlike the oftentimes superficial look that cosmetic surgery produces.  Wrinkles in the eyes and laugh lines disappear.  For many patients, many years pass by before the effect of cosmetic acupuncture wanes.

Almost all cosmetic acupuncturists will include diet modifications in their treatment program since they know that without the essential nutrients in the body, the skin will suffer even with regular cosmetic acupuncture.  They also will advise the patient to not use too much or no cosmetic products since most of these products have chemicals that are harmful to the body especially when they are absorbed into the skin.  Some of these products also cause skin problems such as acne and allergies.

Although it is highly recommended to consult with one’s physician first before going for cosmetic acupuncture, this treatment is very safe with a very good track record for safety.

Written by Valerie

December 25th, 2011 at 2:55 am