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Tap Your Natural Healing Power With Jin Shin Do

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You should never underrate the power of human touch. All of us posses this innate gift and power to heal. Many choose not to use it, but for people who are willing to share this gift for the benefit of humanity, the Oriental healing art of Jin Shin Do can be a great place to learn. Learning the sequence of movements and the pressure points used in Jin Shin Do can set you on the right track to become a natural healer who’s able to use that inherent power and energy to heal others in a positive way.

A form of acupressure, Jin Shin Do is very easy and simple to learn and perform. It is centered on the Japanese style of acupressure that focuses energies from an emotional point of empathy and compassion. We develop an increasing awareness of our own system of vital energy and conditions and through the reception and giving of treatments. Jin Shin Do can help us become more acutely consciously aware of the things that throw our lives out of balance. This gives us an insight on what necessary changes and steps we need to take to further develop our personal growth.

Designed to nourish and rejuvenate the energies or “chi of the body, Jin Shin Do strengthens and balances our physical bodies and spirit. It is a mindset firmly entrenched in Chinese medicine. Jin (which means compassion) is seen as “the mystical key that unlocks the true power of a person’s spirit”. The healing benefits of Jin Shin Do cannot be experienced without this compassion for others and ourselves. The healer needs to acknowledge wholeheartedly the strengths and weaknesses of the human race without biases or prejudices.

The second word, Shin, means spirit. This is the spirit in which energy moves from us to another. However, this spirit is not innately and exclusively “ours;” it flows within and through us and in the entire universe. Shin does not refer to a “self-centered” reality but a humbling route of self realization, that’s in harmony with the oneness of all things and nature.

In the Yellow Emperor, Ch’I Po asks, “What is the spirit? You cannot hear it with the ear. Your eyes must be attentive and open, and the spirit can then reveal itself in a sudden way via your own consciousness. You cannot express it through the mouth; your heart can only express everything that can be looked upon. You may abruptly lose this knowledge if you pay close attention. But the spirit or Shen clearly reveals itself to you as if the wind has blown the cloud away. Hence, it can be spoken as the spirit.” Jin Shin Do trains you to develop the ability to course universal chi (energy) via healing touch to bring about emotional harmony and balance in us and in the recipient.

Do, the third character, means Tao or “the way” and implies following all that is and the way of nature. The vision of “the way” drives humans to start to balance their lives and move with the changes that come with the flow of life.

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Written by Valerie

January 9th, 2018 at 6:10 pm