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Some Things to Know If You Have Decided to Try Acupuncture for the First Time

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For people who have not experienced any type of acupuncture treatment, they may mistakenly assume that it is a painful procedure because it involves the sticking of needles in the body.

But for those who have had undergone acupuncture, they would say that the treatment is virtually painless. You may feel eerie sensations ranging from light tingling to electrical sensations in areas that may not be necessarily on the treated site. These sensations are fleeting and disappear after the needles have been removed or have been in place for a while.

A lot of patients say that acupuncture is an extremely relaxing treatment.

During an acupuncture procedure, a licensed and fully trained practitioner will safely and deftly use individually packaged disposable sterile needles to make sure that there is zero chance of infection.

Acupuncture originated in China 5,000 years ago. It was and still is used widely in several countries of the Far East eventually turning up in Europe and then centuries later, in America. There are many different forms of acupuncture and each country has its unique form of this treatment. You may need to know what style of acupuncture your practitioner employs to determine if you will feel comfortable to the style he/she uses. More often than not, your acupuncturist will willingly explain his/her style to you in detail.

Choosing the right acupuncturist for you in Cleveland

If you have decided to try acupuncture you need to know the experience and training of your practitioner. Question your practitioner on how much experience he/she has in addressing your particular condition and on how long he/ she has been in practice.

Your acupuncturist should give you a layman’s explanation about what type of treatment you need to undergo. If the treatment entails certain risks, you need to know what those risks are as well as the length of the treatment and most importantly, how much will the treatment cost. You should be completely confident and happy with whatever treatment is chosen for you.

You should see some improvements even after your first treatment but you should not be concerned easily if the benefits dissipate quickly as almost immediately during your first treatment. The initial treatments almost always merely provide temporal relief to some extent. Seldom will one not experience some type of improvement after a single treatment, although, for most people significant improvements may be experienced over the next few days.

As the treatment progresses, the time period of lessened symptoms and the level of relief following each visit will become more definite, until the benefits are maintained.

Whatever your treatment is, you need to stick to its schedule, especially in the early stages. In this way, you may benefit from the momentum and preserve the healings that have been gained.

Your specific case will determine the number of treatments you will need. But usually, you probably should expect to one to two sessions for three to six weeks. After the initial sessions, you may require one to two sessions for the next two months. There are issues that can be corrected during this time but others can gain certain benefits from a “maintenance” visit now and again. During your initial visit, the schedule of your treatment will likely be outlined.

Acupuncturists consider each person as unique. Because of this fact, the plan of treatment your acupuncturist will provide will address your specific problems and needs. Any “off the shelf” treatment plan is unacceptable so you need to ask some probing questions to get a clear explanation of what your condition is and why you need the kind of treatment your acupuncturist recommends.

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