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Some Fallacies Regarding Acupuncture

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Many people are still in the dark of the many uses and benefits acupuncture has on people’s health.  Compared to acupuncture, a 5000-year-old healing art, Western medicine, over 200 years in existence, is merely a baby.  Here are some fallacies regarding acupuncture Jacksonville.

1.    Acupuncture will work only if one believes it does – Acupuncture has an unmistakable physiological, mental and emotional effect on the person regardless of what he/she thinks about acupuncture.  The endorphins that acupuncture stimulate and release help balance and normalize the functions of the central, autonomic, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system creating homeostasis, meaning the body is in perfect health and equilibrium.  Acupuncture enables improvement in the blood circulation of the body helping nourish other parts of the body that were under nourished with blood and vital nutrients.

2.    The needles hurt – Needles used for acupuncture are as thin as the hairs in the human head.  They may elicit a sudden sensation upon insertion in the skin but not pain.  These needles are not needles used for injections or drawing of blood, they are non-hollow needles whose only use is for acupuncture treatment.  Once the needles are in the skin, the initial sensation is immediately replaced with a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

3.    Not all herbs are safe for human use – Herbs that are available in Chinese drug stores are all safe provided they are used for their specific purpose.  These herbs carry no side effects making them safer to use than western pharmaceuticals.  The herbalist makes sure you get the herbal medicine for your specific health need.  Western pharmaceuticals corporations thrive on a person’s sickness giving patients mere palliatives that treat symptoms temporarily.  These companies will never make medicines that totally cure sicknesses for the simple fact that there is no business to be gained with a healthy person.  Herbals are designed to treat the symptoms and the disease as well.

4.    Acupuncture costs a lot – Insurance companies now offer coverage for acupuncture therapy.  Acupuncture treatment costs pale in comparison to long-term medication, which when taken for years is far more costly than acupuncture.

5.    Acupuncture treatment needs to be a permanent treatment to be successful – If one recovers after suffering from acute disorders or injuries such as motor or sports injuries, digestive problems, stress, fatigue, flu or cold, then one does not need further acupuncture treatment to remain healthy.  For chronic health problems, the number of sessions depends on the magnitude of the problem and the overall health of the person.  Another factor to consider is that patient’s reactions to acupuncture differ from person to person and some may recover quickly while it may take others a longer while for resolution of their health problems.  If acupuncture is combined with herbal medicine, then the whole treatment may entail a shorter time than with acupuncture treatment alone.

Written by Valerie

August 28th, 2011 at 11:36 am

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