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Relieving Pain with Acupuncture Linwood

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For many years, Western doctors eschewed the use of acupuncture for pain control, believing that its benefits (if any) derived from a “placebo effect.” Now, some American physicians are acquiring skills in this ancient practice because recent scientific evidence supports what traditional acupuncturists have claimed for centuries.

Over a decade ago, the National Institutes of Health conceded that acupuncture was effective for treating postoperative dental pain, but the NIH consensus panel failed to extend its recommendations to other types of pain. Western physicians and researchers have been wary of any studies that compared acupuncture with more accepted methods for treating pain. Their reticence stemmed from the difficulties encountered with blinding the trials i.e., preventing subjects from knowing whether they were getting real or sham acupuncture, uncertainties about what constituted adequate therapy, and – perhaps most telling – the lack of clarity about acupuncture’s physiologic effects.

During the past decade, however, enough evidence-based information has accumulated to allow even the most dogmatic physician to acknowledge acupuncture’s role in treating certain conditions.

Practitioners of traditional Eastern medical disciplines believe that pain arises from stagnation or blockage of the normal flow of energy through the affected area. Acupuncture Boulder opens “channels” and helps restore the flow of energy from centers of force through the various organ systems of the body.

This philosophy, which flies in the face of the allopathic model of disease management, has contributed to delays in American doctors’ acceptance of acupuncture as a viable therapeutic modality.

Acupuncture is safe, well-tolerated, and – increasingly – of proven benefit for a variety of painful conditions. Individuals hoping for benefits beyond or instead of those afforded by accepted Western modalities should be reassured that acupuncture is a useful approach to pain management.

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December 22nd, 2010 at 7:26 am

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