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Phases of Acupuncture Jacksonville Care

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There are three modes or phases of acupuncture Jacksonville therapy vital to the understanding of acupuncture as an effective remedy for conditions such as chronic pain.

Three modes or phases of acupuncture care:

Relief Therapy – Applied for the remedy of pain and energy imbalance.  Treatments for this phase usually requires several sessions.

Stabilization Care/Therapy – The application of acupuncture care for boosting immune function.  The number of treatment sessions is considerably less than relief therapy.

Maintenance Therapy – The treatment used for sustaining the effectiveness of stabilization therapy.  Occasional treatments are required this type of therapy.

A patient experiencing acupuncture the first time will wonder how many sessions are needed to completely resolve his/her condition.  The answer depends on the degree of the condition.  A patient suffering from a chronic disorder may require more treatment sessions that one suffering from an acute condition and corollary to that a patient having a weak constitution may require more treatment than one with a relatively strong constitution.

Acupuncture needles are as thin as human hair, sterilized, non-hollow and made of stainless steel.  There are no other materials injected into a patient during acupuncture therapy.  Regular acupuncture treatments are required if a person wants the body to function as an efficient self-healing organism with a well functioning immune system.  Besides, regular acupuncture does improve circulation, causing injuries to heal quicker and for pain to be relieved promptly.  A proper treatment course beneficial enough to elicit a beneficial effect can be gotten with 10 to 12 treatment sessions.

Relief care/therapy may need 2 or 3 treatments each week for 4 weeks or more to remove significant pain and restore proper function of the affected body part/system. Once the benefits set in relief therapy should not be ended abruptly.  The next phase of treatment namely stabilization therapy is needed to prevent recurrence of pain.  A session a week is enough for this type of therapy.  When stability is attained, the maintenance care phase of treatment can then be applied.  This can range from a treatment session per month or once in a few months.

As opposed to Western medicine’s focus on trauma care, acupuncture is dedicated to fostering and maintaining health.  This means Western medicine only takes care of the person when it is necessary to do so while acupuncture makes the healthy patient more healthy and strong enough to prevent him/her from incurring diseases, infection or weakness.

Maintenance therapy is highly recommended by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), an integrated ancient medical practice which acupuncture is a part of.  Maintaining one’s health is part of Chinese philosophical wisdom as it properly positions a person in living a happy and fulfilled life, healthy in both mind and body.  The wisdom of TCM is one reason why it has endured for thousands of years and is as useful today as it was thousands of years ago.

Written by Valerie

September 10th, 2011 at 5:34 am