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People Are Now Turning to Acupuncture to Treat A Variety of Conditions

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More and more individuals are turning to natural healing therapy over standard Western medicine to treat a variety of conditions. Acupuncture is one of these natural healing modalities that have its roots in China. It is used to alleviate chronic pain and suffering and to promote health. For more than five millennia, this medical procedure that has very few side effects has been administered to improve health functions.

This natural healing treatment is administered by qualified and trained acupuncturists in Overland Park. They are specialized practitioners who have undergone strict criteria, such as completion of four years of training at an accredited college of Oriental Medicine. The practitioner is also required to obtain a genuine license from the Medical Board of the state they intend to practice their profession. The license should be displayed visually in the office of the practitioner at all times.

The Chinese natural healing treatment is based on a theory that indicates the physiological functioning of the body. In addition, the medical art visualizes that the body has an energy force circulating throughout it distributing forces within energy vessels called meridians and channels. The concept suggests that negative and positive forces, referred to as yin and yang are fundamentally important for the well- being of the body. A healthy body implies that the yin and yang are in balance and conversely, when they become unbalanced, illness occurs. Acupuncturists utilize methods to restore balance among the forces of energy that consists of essential life activities: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual activities.

The basis of acupuncture is to stick slender and fine needles under the surface of the skin (where the channels and meridians meet at the skin’s surface). The acupuncture points used are identified by the condition and can be used in combination with other natural healing therapies. Lasers, magnets, electricity and other modern forms of stimulation are incorporated into the procedure along with the more traditional complementary treatments such as herbs. Acupuncture adjusts the vital energy to assist the body into healing itself.

Balance between yin and yang can be restored by acupuncture. It achieves this by penetrating certain acupoints that besides needling are easily accessible via acupressure, moxibustion, and electrical stimulation. Since needling can be an intense procedure, it needs to be precisely administered in accordance to guidelines and regulations medical biohazard has mandated. Nowadays, the needles are all disposable and may vary in length, head shape, shaft, or width. After the needles are inserted the acupuncturist applies certain methods to attain maximum sensation based on the ailment. He or she can utilize rotation, plucking, thrusting, raising and vibrating techniques known as Trembling or Scraping.

Along with acupuncture, techniques that are used to enhance stimulation may be used, again, in accordance with the condition. Electro-acupuncture transmits mild electrical impulses via the inserted instruments. Sound waves and lasers can also be used to produce the same effect. Typically, the technique is designed to prevent or relieve pain. It has also been used successfully to treat drug addiction, alcoholism, and obesity.

Acupressure and moxibustion are the other techniques that are commonly incorporated during an acupuncture treatment session. Moxibustion is commonly used because it is a very effective complimentary form of treatment. It involves the application of heat to a targeted acupoint to treat a disease. It has been used to treat certain types of paralysis, arthritic disorders, and bronchitis. Acupoint stimulation through acupressure uses manual application (the use of a hard ball shaped head instrument or the fingers) and is often used as in lieu of needles. Conditions affecting the internal organs are commonly treated by this technique.

While acupuncture may treat a variety of conditions and illnesses, it may also cause minor side effects, such as disorientation or nausea. It adheres to the principle of the healing system that aids in the smooth flow of vital energy throughout the body and in maintaining balance between yang and yin.

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April 11th, 2017 at 5:15 pm

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