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Acupuncture Orlando for Extreme Fatigue

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Extreme fatigue is more than dragging oneself into doing and going through unpleasant, unwanted and dissatisfying activities or being sleepy all the time.  It can present itself as sleeplessness and/or pain felt allover the body.  Fatigue can also be a sign of an underlying disease such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines and allergies (asthma) to name a few.  However, extreme fatigue can be ably treated with acupuncture Orlando.

The Chinese who invented acupuncture believe that a vital energy called chi, like blood, flows within the body through invisible energy network pathways called meridians.  A fatigued person has one or more meridians blocked and acupuncture is the most efficient treatment to reestablish unhindered chi flow in the body to help bring back the body to its most healthy and balanced state.

Stainless steel single-use, disposable and sterilized hair thin needles are inserted into sites called acupoints, which themselves are connected to the obstructed meridians.  The neurons under the skin are activated by the needles that signal the brain to produce and secrete specific hormones as well as endorphins that work in allaying the aches and pains associated with fatigue.  Some medical researchers argue that acupuncture increases the flow of blood to the thalamus, which is the gland responsible for sending out pain messages to the body.

As an alternative to the needles, some handheld gadgets that produce electromagnetic wave impulses to mimic the same stimulating effects of acupuncture are available in the market although instead of the entire body being manipulated, only the hand and palm is.  This is just fine since the hand and palm also possess many vital acupoints that connect to virtually all the parts of the body especially the major organs and other vital parts.  This gadget uses electronic acupuncture and is very handy in delivering electromagnetic energy into the precise acupoints for the treatment of fatigue.

Because fatigue may affect multiple organs, the treatment often would entail several needles for several organs.  A weakening of energy caused by chi stagnation on an organ such as the kidney may affect the energy balance of the lung, heart, liver, spleen etc.  Therefore, it is often the case for extreme fatigue that several organs are treated all at once.  Multiple acupoints are common for extreme fatigue and besides correcting energy imbalances, some needles are also utilized to help stimulate beneficial chemicals and hormones as well as remove energy blockages to help the body feel relaxed and calm.  This will result in the raising of the energy of the body, the removal of stress and pain, the mitigation of the other symptoms of fatigue and the normalization of body functions, which will allow the body to feel refreshed, rested and revitalized.

Written by Valerie

July 3rd, 2011 at 7:56 am