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Mongolian Medicine And Chua Ka Massage

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Could your past life have anything to do with your current illness? Perhaps, your stars have not been favorable this year, maybe you’ve been under the weather, or you may even have been unknowingly possessed by a malevolent evil spirit? More than just mechanical, Mongolian medicine actually believes that health is a combination of the psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person. It’s as likely as performing exorcisms alongside acupuncture or to provide prayers as drugs.

This may sound weird but psychoneuroimmunology (the science of body-mind health) researchers may likely agree with many of the tenets of Mongolian medicine, which antedates the theories of quantum physics by thousands of years, that believes in the relativity of time (the present is affected by the past and future), and that we are not isolated from our environment.

This form of medicine was already old when Genghis Khan was wreaking total chaos all across Asia and Europe. At its core is the ancient folk remedy called “em-dom,” which has preserved its purity and provides certainly uniquely weird remedies. To address lung problems, Horse milk is used. A newborn with an umbilical cord infection can be treated by burning a piece of the mother’s hair, pulverizing it into ash and applying it on the affected area – and is alleged to cure the illness in one night. There are amazing esoteric remedies for just about everything from skin rejuvenation to curing mouth ulcers.

Mongolian medicine can boastfully claim that its healing techniques are even older than the renowned healing techniques of India (Ayurvedic) China (Taoist), Arabia (Tibb) and Tibet. It actually shares several healing practices with them – the use of manipulation and bodywork techniques, acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine. Even the spiritual methods are the same – although this aspect of Eastern traditional medicine is usually ignored in the West.

It was Dr Natsagdorf, who practically revived the ancient art of Mongolian medicine in his home country after its practice was banned by the communist government. At his clinic, he sees about 45 patients each day.

Dr Natsagdorf is a revered doctor who tends to perform a very effective but quick diagnosis. He takes a patient’s hands and examines their wrists focusing on the pulses. He asks the patient to stick out his tongue, and then examines their eyes and very intently observes their face. From this, he will come up with a diagnosis of the patient’s health.  If a patient has a problem, he usually will prescribe the patient with a pack of herbal powders to be mixed in water and more often than not, whatever illness or ailment the patient is suffering from will be sorted out.

Chua Ka

The age-old Mongolian massage therapy of Chua Ka was used by Mongolian warriors as a way to physically purify their bodies to prepare their minds and bodies for battle. This therapy was also used after battle to help heal the traumas and injuries (mental and physical injuries) suffered during the conflict. The massage is a powerful way to heal the mind and body. These days, the therapist usually administers the massage on a couch with the client wearing just his pants, and his body covered well with towels.

Chua Ka massage is a unique technique that uses slow and long fluid strokes felt deep within the body. Some say it is a kind of “body reflexology” that targets key acupressure points in the body. The massage lasts for an hour with the therapist working on the client’s legs, arms, shoulders, back, and finishing with some deep bodywork on the neck and certain firm pressure on the client’s face and scalp. It can sometimes feel painful, but the pain vanishes once the tension in the body is released.

On the physical level, the goal of Chua-ka massage is to free built-up layers of metabolic waste and on the psychological level, it eliminates recollections of pain (whether emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental). It follows the principle underlying all of Mongolian medicine – cure the whole, not just the parts. “Anything that affects the mind is mirrored in the body and vice versa.” Chua Ka works quite well for digestive conditions, problems related to stress, back pain, and even for cellulite; however, the most intriguing aspect of the therapy its ability to heal psychic wounds. It is an ideal technique for people looking to for a way to expand their consciousness.

For your average Jane and Joe, Mongolian medicine can be an overwhelming therapy, especially when it delves into exorcism and spirits, reincarnation and rituals. Most Westerners dismiss it as mindless superstition. However, for those who have experienced its incredible healing powers, chua-ka massage is a very unique and novel way to help cure the illnesses of people.

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Written by Valerie

March 3rd, 2020 at 3:28 pm