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Acupuncture Miami Treatment for Knee Pain

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Acupuncture Miami is a proven and guaranteed answer for pain and other kinds of ailments. Thousands of people in the United States now seek acupuncture treatment for the relief of pain. The National Institutes of Health has confirmed acupuncture’s power to neutralize knee pain induced by osteoarthritis.  The effect of acupuncture can help cut the down the need for pain medications by around 40% and also helps prove knee functionality by also around 40%.  A Danish study also proved acupuncture’s ability in providing alternative treatment for knee problems which considerably lessened the necessity for knee replacement surgery. Acupuncture can also sufficiently reduce swelling and pain brought about by rheumatoid arthritis, injuries, bursitis and swelling caused by tendonitis.

If a person is in pain, anything that reduces the pain is good and a 40% reduction in pain is truly good news for pain sufferers.  People with painful conditions usually experience an almost total (80%) relief from knee pain after eight acupuncture sessions.  What’s more the health benefit of needing less pain medication intake is obvious with the lowered risk of side effects connected to long-term medication use.  And talking about side effects, acupuncture has very few and minor side effects to speak of.  In fact, people who have tried acupuncture never complain about side effects and instead talk about the feeling of tranquility and comfort during and after the treatment.

Western medical science is puzzled about the true workings of acupuncture in treating health conditions but they do have two running theories about how it works against pain.  One theory called the Gate theory states that the acupuncture needles retard the nerve functions that send out pain messages.  Another theory is endorphins, which is the body’s own powerful natural painkiller, which when released removes or greatly lessens painful sensations. Both theories are accepted by the medical community but they are still merely the tip of the iceberg in explaining the entire mysterious workings of acupuncture in the body.

The needles used for acupuncture are entirely different from hypodermic needles and needles used for vaccine, dextrose or blood extraction.  Acupuncture needles are much smaller and a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist can insert these needles in the body with nary any pain felt by the patient.  For a typical pain relieving treatment six to twelve needles are used at the sore areas or on specific parts of the body.  Depending on the skill of the acupuncturist or the degree of severity of the pain, as few as one needle can be enough to relieve the pain.

Rather than taking painkillers, use acupuncture so that not only pain is relieved but the cause of the pain is treated as well.  Acupuncture is versatile enough that it can also be used in conjunction with other pain relievers or anti-inflammatories and is also good with massage and physical therapy

Written by Valerie

February 12th, 2012 at 11:00 pm