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Laser Acupuncture Orlando Therapy

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People who are in regular physical pain live less fulfilled and happy lives.  Their pain affects their whole life in terms of less work productivity, unemployment, depression and immobility.  And as if these aren’t enough, the pain when left untreated can lead to worse health problems eventually.  Socially, these people cannot enjoy activities.  Friends and family get affected by the person’s obviously abnormal life experience. The only way then that the person can become is emotionally and physically down.

People with regular pain often are not anymore capable of dealing with their pain.  They obsess about their pain but see little hope in finding a solution to their problem.  They try not to use their painful joints and just keep still so that pain may not flare up; however, the swelling and inflammation does not go away all at once and may even continue unrelentingly for days or even weeks. Pain killers are their main recourse but chronic pain patients who use them in the long term develop liver and kidney diseases as well as other types of organ problems.

Actually, there are other alternative types of treatments for chronic pain and their applications are concentrated on a particular type of painful condition.  Chiropractic medicine and physiotherapy are among the more popular alternative remedies for pain and oftentimes they are combined to become an effective answer to back pain for many patients.  Another effective alternative form of treatment is acupuncture Orlando, which is a very old form of Chinese treatment used for thousands of years to treat painful conditions and a host of other health problems.  This treatment uses needles inserted at different parts of the body to treat pain.  Studied for thousands of years, Chinese physicians have devised a map detailing a network of body energy branching throughout the body just below the skin’s surface.  The map plots the network’s connection to the body’s major organs.  The map also shows how the energy called chi works to balance and harmonize the body’s digestive, muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.

The needles act as stimulators to release beneficial body chemicals such as endorphins and other natural substances which generate effects that make the person experience pain relief.  Some people do not think actually acupuncture will work for them because they think it is archaic; however they begin to get interested when laser therapy is integrated with acupuncture.

Cold Laser or low level laser Therapy has actually been around for 30 years and is used mostly in Asia and Europe.  The success rate of this therapy is much higher than most other pain treatments.  A qualified practitioner uses low level verilase laser to stimulate the production and release of endorphins.  Through multilevel interaction the laser energizes the cells to metabolize faster and create bio-energy. This bioenergy is then converted by the cells to endorphins which relieves the body of pain.

Written by Valerie

March 19th, 2012 at 3:00 am