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Laser Acupuncture is One of The Most Easy Ways to Quit Smoking for Good

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If you are striving very hard to kick your smoking habit permanently, you probably already know several nasty things about this habit. What you may not know, however, is that there are new forms of technology you can avail of to battle your smoking addiction. You may also have heard before that laser acupuncture is one the most effective therapies around that can help you stop smoking completely. The truth is that a lot of nicotine addicts have now availed themselves of laser acupuncture to help them get rid of their smoking habit.

While it was known as far back as 1989 that laser acupuncture has the power to treat nicotine addiction, it is acclaimed much more now especially in the last few years as the modality has matured and been fine tuned by modern technology. The benefits that can be derived from laser acupuncture for the cessation of smoking have been quite impressive for some. The reason why this procedure has proved successful is that the stimuli cause the release of feel-good hormones in the body leaving an individual in a state of contentment.

What is not understood clearly is how laser acupuncture to quit smoking can help cure the person of his/her nicotine addiction. The underlying theory of both laser and traditional acupuncture procedure for the cessation of smoking is that the pricking on specific acupoints of the body commands the central nervous system to allow the release of chemicals in key parts of the body, setting the body to healing mode. There is very little pain associated with laser acupuncture to quit smoking treatment with most people who have tried it saying the experience is overwhelmingly relaxing. The lack of clinical studies has prevented a great number of smokers from knowing that this treatment is a valid therapy to help them quit smoking. This doesn’t alter the fact that a lot of smokers have already been cured of their smoking addiction thanks to this modality.

There is a difference between what one person may feel from traditional acupuncture and what one may experience in laser acupuncture. In a typical laser acupuncture procedure in Spokane to quit smoking, one simply feels a tingling, pulsating warm sensation derived from the laser energy. Some also state that they don’t feel the laser at all. The thing is that the laser energy stimulates affected acupoints in much the same way as acupunctures needles do without the risk of incurring open wounds that may become infected. You also experience the healing and good feelings that you would get from traditional acupuncture when you undergo laser acupuncture for smoking cessation.

So far, not enough studies have been done to prove the ability of laser acupuncture to cure nicotine addiction. But for those who been bold enough to try it, the results have been no less impressive. The only drawback to this treatment is its relatively high cost. But if you want a very easy and sure way of kicking your smoking habit for good, then laser acupuncture to quit smoking is a form of treatment you should consider.

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July 26th, 2015 at 2:03 am

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