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Acupuncture Jacksonville to Help You Get Re-energized

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Some people are easy to catch various types of illnesses.  One of the most typical illnesses one can acquire is flu.  Usually these people are stressed and their immune system maybe weak to make the body resilient to infections and illnesses.  When a person is stressed out, his body produces cortisol and other kind of chemicals in the body that can be harmful to his health.  One other thing that stress does to the body is it keeps the body in a continuous state of anticipation which drains the energy of the body.

Experts performing traditional Chinese medicine can see the many ways stress can make the body weak and prone to illness.  TCM believes that a certain type of energy flows throughout the body in energy vessels just like blood vessels convey blood throughout the body.  Anxiety and/or stress can disrupt the smooth travel of energy which the Chinese calls chi on energy pathways called meridians.  When chi gets obstructed, ailments, illnesses and pain start to be felt by the person.  The muscles tighten when the person has too much stress in him.  This can lead to headaches, body tightness and pain.

Stress and tension can weaken the immune system since a stressed up body always have constricted blood vessels that can limit blood flow to many parts of the body.  Some conditions like sleeplessness, pain in some parts of the body like the neck and back among others and can aggravate already existing health problems.   To help release energy from meridian blockages, TCM practitioners often avail of acupuncture and herbal medicine to remove the blockages and allow chi and blood to flow freely once more.

In acupuncture, ultra thin non hollow needles are inserted into specific points in the body called acupuncture points or simply called acupoints.  These acupoints are in areas where underneath them are energy meridians. The needle inserted in an acupoint goes into the meridian and its aim is to redirect the flow of energy to allow chi and blood to travel unobstructed once more.  Once the flow is reestablished, the body starts to recover from its illness and pain is relieved.   It also helps remove the physical, mental and emotional stress from the body.

TCM does not only carry acupuncture as a natural form of modality to relieve and remove stress.  There are other ways to relax and dispel stress like breathing exercises, gentle exercises and healthy eating to make you energized, relaxed and calm.

Breathing – In TCM the air is one way where we get our chi.  Slow and controlled breathing can help a person stay calm and relaxed.

Gentle exercise – Some Tai Chi like exercises like Qi Gung can help you reacquire fresh energy in the body as opposed to prolonged and strenuous exercises which can drain you of energy.

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August 27th, 2012 at 5:56 am

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