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Infertility Issues and Acupuncture Miami

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Acupuncture has been around for over 2000 years and is part of traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture Miami believes that a block in the vital energy flow in the body causes chi imbalances and this is believed to be the root cause of many of the diseases among humans. These blockages can be removed and the energy flow of the body can be manipulated by inserting reed thin needles into specific locations of the body.

In treating infertility, acupuncture’s role is to increase the amount of blood flow to the sexual organs and stabilize the hormones in the body. With this, the ovaries can function well to produce healthy eggs while in men; sperm cells are produced in large amounts and with greater quality.  Acupuncture is used for infertility treatment when a couple experiences fertility issues such as erectile dysfunction or infrequent ovulation. Acupuncture is now often used as a complementary treatment for in vitro fertilization, helping women to relax during this stressful program.

Acupuncture is quite a painless and non-stressful procedure and side effects very rarely occur. The only things considered adverse would be needles broken beneath the skin, needle contamination leading to the transmission of diseases or minimal bleeding at the insertion point. It is best to consult with an experienced, licensed and professional acupuncturist, a board passer and one who has logged 2000 to 3000 hours of acupuncture training.  Acupuncture for infertility treatment usually lasts months.  It usually involves 12 individual appointments, lasting about an hour in length per week. During this hour-long session, a physical examination will be done and any complications or issues encountered since the last appointment will be examined.

Acupuncture, at the very least, assists the body to achieve fertility.  With proper blood flow because of acupuncture, the organs that have been undernourished with nutrients for some time become energized and function well again.  For men, blood flow in their genitals can prolong erection and assist in high semen production and high semen quality.  Hormonal balance is gained with acupuncture hindering the proliferation of hormones inimical to pregnancy. For couples who are now opting for In Vitro Fertilization, acupuncture will greatly help them make this program a success.  For pharmaceutical therapy such as Clomid, studies have proven that acupuncture is as effective as Clomid in assisting fertilization.  Furthermore, the toxins inherent in pharmaceutical drugs can cause side effects on women taking the drug.  Acupuncture, as mentioned before, does not have any side effects.

Sometimes, acupuncture is used combined with herbal medicines to make the treatment more potent.  There are a number of fertility herbs that can greatly aid a woman achieve pregnancy.  These products are usually determined by the acupuncturist depending on what type of infertility problem a person has.

Written by Valerie

April 16th, 2011 at 1:19 am