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Infertility – Coping and Support

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Learning How to Cope

Infertility can cause a wide range of emotions for those suffering from it making effective coping skills quite necessary. Listed below are some helpful advices to better control and lessen the stress caused by infertility:

  • Make sex more of a recreational activity than a means for procreation – Simply put, keep sex fun and enjoyable. The problem is sex can become more of an obligation than a great way to express love for the partner.  It’s good to stay romantic and do certain fun activities like watching movies that are romantic or dine under lighted candles. This keeps your relationship from becoming tedious and boring.
  • Make infertility a minor issue in your life – There are so many ways to be happy. One way is to not let infertility problems become a serious issue in your life. Learn to accept it and move on to more important and positive aspects that will better your life and make you happier.  If you cannot avoid talking about your infertility, set a certain time and period to talk about it and make use of the rest of your day to think about other things.
  • Understand your fertility problems as much as possible – Learning about your problem and identifying good alternatives like living without a child or adoption can make you more willing to consider these options.
  • Communicate with your partner – Always talk to each other and express your feelings with each other. Try to be understanding with your partner. Your partner may have his/her own unique way of expressing her mind and feelings and if you love him/her you will be able to accept your partner the way he/she is.
  • Acupuncture – This alternative type of treatment has proven effective in treating certain types of infertility for certain types of people. This incredibly versatile therapy has been shown to significantly increase the rate of pregnancy when it is used to complement IVF therapy.  By itself, it has been able to aid some individuals in the treatment of their infertility.
  • Acknowledge your feelings – Express your feelings of frustration, anger and sadness in a way that does not harm others. Don’t bottle up your emotions as it can only impact your health and mind in a more negative way.
  • Find support – Keep in touch with people with similar fertility problems as you have. This can now be easily done online through forums. You can also go for counseling and join a non-online support group who are composed of people who know what you’re experiencing and can morally support you.
  • Go for counseling – Counseling is beneficial for infertile couples to help them unload the emotional stress that comes with infertility. A lot of fertility clinics are now requesting couples to undergo counseling before and during their therapy. If sad thoughts and feeling persist and if you find them starting to seriously affect your life, then it is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor and speak to him about your concerns.

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