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How Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Helped Me Become Pregnant

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Based on the specific illness you’re experiencing, different combinations of acupoints are stimulated with solid hair-thin acupuncture needles. The natural healing process can take place and energy flow is rebalanced when these points are stimulated.

Acupuncture needles are stuck into energy points connected to the reproductive organs to balance the reproductive organ and boost energy circulation to the parts of the body affected by or causing your infertility. Your acupuncturist may use around 5 to 20 needles which will remain stuck in your body for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. A majority of those who have tried acupuncture have enjoyed a profound sense of relaxation after the treatment. Other patients may feel revitalized, while some have felt pain and then the healing of symptoms promptly after the treatment.
Acupuncture therapy for the treatment of infertility in Miami has proven to help enhance blood circulation to the endometrium, which results in the formation of a rich and thick endometrial lining that can make the fertilized egg implant itself easily and firmly.

For a large number of women who have decided to try acupuncture, they often undergo acupuncture along with other conventional infertility therapies. Others, however, are hopeful that acupuncture might be the sole answer to their fertility problem after everything else has failed. Getting regular acupuncture fertility treatment under a qualified practitioner for at least two to three months, as some studies attest, can lead to a dramatic rise in the likelihood of a successful pregnancy for a couple. And if they continue with the treatment during the first trimester of pregnancy, it can make complications very unlikely especially during gestation which can then help prevent miscarriages.

Some of the types of infertility condition that acupuncture has proven to treat include endometriosis, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), unexplained infertility, repeated miscarriage, and FSH (elevated follicle stimulating hormone), among others. The treatment can help heal infertility related issues such as hormonal imbalances, menopausal symptoms, premature menopause, anovulation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, chronic urinary bladder infection and others.

Presently Chinese medicine has several hundred herbs that can be used to treat infertility. This may be complemented with diet therapy, Qi Gong, moxibustion, acupuncture, and other holistic infertility therapies.

Experiencing Moxibustion and Acupuncture for the First Time

When my doctor told me I had a fertility problem, I decided to immediately try acupuncture. I found a licensed acupuncturist who recommended treatment three times a week. The reason I went for acupuncture treatment first was because I had tried the treatment before after I was involved in a car accident and suffered severe neck pain. The treatment worked like a charm. From articles that I read, acupuncture was a very effective treatment for infertility and since I wanted to have a baby so desperately, I thought this treatment would overcome my difficulties conceiving. I had a total of five acupuncture treatment but I actually had to undergo a different type of treatment from each of my five different acupuncturists.

My first acupuncturist was a Chinese practitioner who told me to lie down and stuck me with needles in my ovaries and literally all over my body. Although I felt that he was doing something to stimulate my ovaries, he was not the gentlest practitioner one could hope for. I decided to try another acupuncturist and a friend referred me to another Chinese practitioner who thankfully, was much more gentle in handling me. He treated me in a private room, used fewer needles and turned on relaxing Chinese music. To remove the blockage in my liver qi, which he believed was interfering with the function of my ovaries he prescribed some herbal formulas in the form of tablets.

When I move to Holland, I got treated by a third practitioner who was also Chinese and was working at a huge Chinese medical facility right smack in the middle of Amsterdam’s red light district. This practitioner had also a gentle touch and used few needles. He also prescribed herbal tablets and although being a red light district the place was not conducive for relaxing and the facility crowded with people and noisy, my practitioner had an impressive history of successfully treating both male and female fertility problems behind him. I was given moxa sticks and my practitioner instructed me where to hold them at certain points on my body. A practitioner will, in an indirect moxibustion, light one end of a moxa stick, and direct it at the part of the body needing treatment for a time until that area becomes red.

The next acupuncturist who treated me was a native Dutch. This practitioner treated me for four hours. Like the last acupuncturist I encountered, this professional treated me with acupuncture and moxibustion directly on my back. Moxibustion is used oftentimes to clear out the toxins from the body usually at the area where the problem is located. This traditional Chinese medicine procedure uses the moxa leaf or mugwort which is burned to stimulate healing. It’s been used for thousands of years oftentimes accompanied by herbs and acupuncture to help treat various kinds of health conditions. Moxibustion helps preserve overall health, boosts the flow of qi, and strengthens the blood.

A small, cone-shaped moxa is placed above an acupoint in direct moxibustion. The moxa is allowed to burn completely. It’s placed right on the acupoint and lit, but it is removed or extinguished to prevent the skin from burning. Under my last two acupuncturists, the process did not hurt at all and there was no scarring or blistering on the site of the treatment. In fact, the procedure gave me a heating but really an overall pleasant sensation.

The truth is, there is really a moxibustion treatment in which the procedure included the actual burning and scarring of the skin. Fortunately, I did not meet someone who practices it. The last practitioner who treated me was a South African residing in Holland. She specialized in pregnancy and fertility acupuncture. My plan of treatment involved ear acupuncture, moxibustion, and reflexology. After a weekly treatment of a few months, I became pregnant.

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