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Gua Sha Can Be Used As Treatment For A Myriad Of Illnesses And Ailments

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One traditional Chinese medicine technique in Overland Park that uses pressured strokes on oiled skin with various instruments such as jade stone, water buffalo horn, or a coin is Gua Sha therapy. It is a natural safe form of treatment and has a myriad benefits to health. It is rapidly becoming popular in the US and Europe.

In Chinese medicine, Gua Sha means to literally scrape away illness. It is a type of folk medicine that has been practiced in Southeast and Northeast Asia for thousands of years.

As a traditional Chinese therapy, Gua Sha demonstrates its therapeutic effects in the following ways:

1. Helps eliminate toxins in the blood
2. Activate the collaterals and relaxes tendons and muscles
3. Strengthens the immunity of the individual
4. Removes blood stasis and enhances the flow of blood

After a session of Gua Sha, the back of the patient has several extravasation of blood from the peripheral capillaries that result in subdermal blemishing which usually takes two to four days to disappear. Since Gua Sha is known to be safe and cause zero side effects, it can be used in a person’s daily life. It can be used by almost any individual as treatment for a myriad of illnesses and ailments. However, it is contraindicated people with the following conditions and diseases:

1. People who are tired, full, or very hungry.
2. Women who are pregnant should not have gua sha therapy on their belly.
3. People with swelling in their body.
4. People suffering from hypohepatia, renal insufficiency, or severe cardiovascular diseases.
5. People with mental disorders.
6. People suffering from trauma, fracture, or acute lumbar sprain.
7. People with bleeding disorders.
8. People suffering from advanced leukemia, anemia, or diabetes.
9. People suffering from infectious diseases.

People suffering from one of the above diseases or from one of the above conditions should get permission from their doctors in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

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