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Acupuncture For Infertility – The Success Rate is High

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Acupuncture is an ancient medical therapy that involves inserting ultra thin needles into specific points, called acupuncture points or just acupoints, in the body to stimulate the body to release beneficial chemicals that take away pain and enable to body to heal itself.  No exact date is known when acupuncture first came to be but it is universally accepted that this treatment was discovered and developed by the Chinese.  Acupuncture is popular all over the world.  Western countries such as Italy, Germany and the United States and other Asian countries like Japan have many professionals practicing acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of disorders including infertility.  For many years now, acupuncture is a very effective tool in treating fertility problems either as a stand-alone treatment or as a complementary treatment for other fertility programs.  Many fertility and reproductive-assisted programs are stressful in nature making pregnancy success in these programs quite difficult to achieve.  Acupuncture addresses stress very well and the use of this treatment in helping women cope with the distressful invasive techniques raises the chance of a successful conception and pregnancy.

Acupuncture stimulates the body to release natural painkillers such as endorphins and enkephalins to remove pain and stress in the body.  This effect not only takes away pain and distress but also calms and relaxes the mind.

Acupuncture also helps regulate body functions such as the function of the endocrine system.  A normal functioning endocrine system means normal hormone function, which is essential for fertility.  Acupuncture for infertility problems are not strictly for women only.  Acupuncture treats low sperm production and improves sperm motility.  It can also help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Medical research into infertility treatment with acupuncture has recorded better sperm production of the patients given acupuncture treatment as opposed to the ones not given acupuncture treatment  A lot of people have this misconception that acupuncture treatment itself is painful. When they experience acupuncture themselves, they find out just how a relaxing and comfortable treatment it is.
For some the needle insertions may entail a slight sensation.  However, this is fleeting and a feeling of happiness and relaxation floods the body as the needles’ effect start to set in.

If one wants to have treatment for infertility problems, it is advisable to go to a fertility clinic for recommendations for a skilled and experienced practitioner and a practitioner who specializes in infertility problems.  Many fertility clinics offer acupuncture treatment.  Most of these clinics will request the patient to undergo acupuncture care prior to the program itself for a month or less to help them relax and strengthen their body for the program.  A qualified acupuncturist is one who is licensed to practice acupuncture in his/her state.  One can go online and search for qualified acupuncturists in one’s area and make sure they specialize in infertility problems.

Thrive Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL with licensed acupuncturists, physicians and therapists.

Thrive Wellness Center
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Phone: (954) 713-6118

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale FL – Thrive Wellness Center

Written by Valerie

October 8th, 2011 at 2:57 am