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Finding Relief from Pain with Acupuncture Linwood

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It is ironic that a therapy for the treatment of pain utilizes needles as its main tool.  Acupuncture, a procedure that uses one or several needles is indeed a proven treatment for the relief of pain and other physical and mental discomforts.  For all the healing wonders that acupuncture is able to heal, Western medical science still has not figured out why acupuncture treatment particularly for pain relief works.

Acupuncture Linwood has been shown to manage pain and swelling, improve blood circulation, mitigate stress and normalize endocrine and immune functions. Disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and menstrual cramps among others are ably remedied by acupuncture

An acupuncturist needs to carefully examine a patient by examining the patient’s physical condition and querying the patient about his health problems in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis and a treatment procedure that suits the patient’s problems.  Acupuncture is considered a holistic type of treatment in that its healing effect is designed to bring about a positive change in the mental, emotional and physical health of the individual bringing back balance and normalization of the functions of the body systems.  It is perfectly safe with no side effects and with a very high success rate of treating a condition it is tasked to heal.

The mechanics of acupuncture may still be a mystery from the viewpoint of Western medical science but its effectiveness is more important to emphasize especially for those suffering from chronic pain who for the longest time have been looking for an answer to their condition.  Its potency cannot be ignored since after all, it has been treating the various illnesses and conditions of the Chinese people for thousands of years.  The best explanation Western medical science can say is that the needles stimulate the brain and the central nervous system to produce and release natural steroids and endorphins to allow the body to heal itself.  The endorphins are responsible for the mitigation of pain while the steroids reduce the swelling.

For all the advances of Western medicine it still fails spectacularly to satisfactorily alleviate pain and heal disorders.  Arthritis, for example is a perfect example of a problem Western medicine has not been able to solve.  Anti-inflammatory drugs can give temporary relief; however, the toxins inherent in these drugs cause side effects.  Moreover, many of the drugs are highly addictive and are often abused causing another health problem in the process.  Also, the cost of pain medications for arthritis would be much greater than a whole integrated acupuncture treatment for arthritis.  Acupuncture is a very affordable and safe way to treat chronic pain including arthritis.  Acupuncture is not only a perfect treatment for pain; it also improves blood circulation, boosts the immune system and takes away stress, depression and anxiety.

Written by Valerie

July 9th, 2012 at 7:28 am