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Feng Shui, Dietary Modifications, And Medical Intervention For The Cure Of Cancer

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In helping people, one of the strongest points of classical feng shui is its ability to substantiate how the house may be affecting a person’s health in certain ways. This can be achieved in various layers. One layer is based on the birth data of an occupant. Based on their specific gua or trigram, each individual has specific health weaknesses. For instance, a man is likely to have problems with his lungs or head if he was born in 1958 in the Qian trigram. This will always apply regardless of where he lives, although the home’s energy could amplify or reduce his vulnerability.

Another layer is to observe if there is any negative influence or “sha” in a certain direction. For instance, the southwest direction has a connection to the stomach area. If the southwest part of the house has some sort of negative influence (such as a crack in the foundation or in the wall) it could lead to health problems in the stomach area in one or more family members. We can sometimes predict the family member that will most likely suffer from a health problem.

Another layer is to consider the age of the home/structure. Health problems can also be associated with certain parts of the home. When someone prefers spending a lot of time in a certain area of the home, the local forces or influences will be more defined. Because most of us sleep and spend more time in our bedrooms, the sleeping area is the most important part of the home.

If, directly outside your home in the surrounding parts, there is some type of environmental sha, it can have a targeted Feng Shui association and cause a foreseen and common effect on health. For instance, some people believe that living near an electrical transformer that has strong and negative EMF raised on a utility pole can be harmful for a person living near that area. The direction of whatever potentially negative item is located just outside of a home can also result in a different layer of impact. Whatever negative thing or item is located at the southern part of your home can be considered carcinogenic or toxic. If the same thing or item is located at the northern part of your house, it can have a different impact on the occupant.

The term “modern Feng Shui hazards” is used to describe a number of negative influences for both exteriors and interiors that are uniquely modern circumstances, and not the things referred in thousand-year-old Chinese texts. The synthetic off-gassing substances that make up our furnishings and homes can severely impact our health as much as chemtrails and outdoor air pollution. The cereals, veggies, and other food products we buy in supermarkets and groceries are genetically modified, we drink unclean fluoridated water, and we are now besieged with electrical fields produced by our televisions, cell phones, and other electronic appliances. Some environmentally conscious people drive hybrid automobiles with the belief that they are contributing to a clean environment but what they don’t know that when they sit near the enormous electric battery for just a few hours a day, it could cause cancer and other modern day illnesses.

Can a property’s Feng Shui influences indicate a possibility for cancer? Yet, it can, and, once again, on various levels. While we are busy avoiding modern carcinogens, we also have to deal with geopathic stress that emanates from “natural” events as underground water and other subterranean disturbances that accumulate over time to subvert the health of a person. These disturbances have been known a long time ago by Chinese geomancers. In describing the flow of chi in the natural landscape, some Chinese used quite mysterious and cryptic terms like “dragon veins”.

The flying stars can also suggest a predisposition to specific maladies that could worsen into various form of cancer if left untreated. The flying stars symbolize the numeric designations for a magnetic field that’s generated when an edifice has been built. Without needing to physically see the edifice, we can use the space-time calculations that are performed in a traditional Feng Shui audit. For example, a house facing magnetic northeast at 45 degrees, will have an energy field in eastern portion that will worsen a health problem and even may help bring about cancer (The occupant should have been spending a lot of time in that part of the house).

Practitioners of Hsuan Kong Flying Star know about the definitions of the Five Yellow Star, which deals with the multiplying and dividing processes of the cells and is associated with pain. In the residences of people with cancer, their bedroom has a very big chance of being in a zone with the Five Yellow Star Chi. It can also be combined with the 2 star, which for decades has been connected to illness in general. In 2024, the energy of the 2 star will reverse its orientation and start to ascend as positive energy positive for health that will last six decades; for the past several decades the 2 star has been connected to illness and even death. These energies or “stars” all go through main cycles of negativity and positivity.

If we’re able to talk about whether negative Feng Shui can contribute to or cause cancer, we can then speculate whether positive Feng Shui can contribute to the remission or cure of cancer. When a person takes the necessary measures to kill cancer cells, we know this can happen. Pro-active dietary modifications as well as medical intervention are needed to make this a possibility. The Feng Shui of a person’s nearest environment would just be one more layer to deal with.

When proper adjustments to their living spaces are applied, the occupants experienced an improvement in the cancer status. But since cancer may be the result of not one but multiple influences like genetics which cannot be controlled, we are not 100 percent sure that adjusting our physical surroundings alone can really cure cancer.

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Written by Valerie

March 13th, 2018 at 8:06 am