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Dermatologists see acupuncture as a valid and effective treatment for acne

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Science has still been unable to explain what really causes acne and therefore no definite and real cures have been created for this disease. There are a huge number of different treatments offered in the market for acne; however, one of the safest and most effective treatments for it is acupuncture.

Acupuncture for acne is now starting to become a mainstream type of treatment for a lot of acne sufferers in the United States. Even dermatologists see acupuncture as a valid and effective treatment for acne.

Acupuncture is considered a part of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, for short. The acupuncturist inserts needles inserted into energy channels known as meridians. Some meridians in the body lay in the joints. Acupuncture clears any blockages to Qi or energy flow as these blockages are the reasons why a person becomes sick. These obstructions result in some form of disorder or disease.

Modern science is not certain if acupuncture actually can help treat a condition if one follows the way of thinking of medical scientists. However, when it comes to real results, modern science has no explanation as to why acupuncture truly resolves several types of conditions successfully and this includes treating acne. One very effective type of acupuncture treatment for acne is ear or auricular acupuncture. Another very promising type of acne acupuncture is electro acupuncture, which involves the use of a mild electrical current into the body to increase stimulation of the meridians.

Acupuncture has actually many forms. It is often combined with Chinese herbal medicine to make the treatment more powerful and effective. Two systems of Chinese herbal therapy exist: Chi Kung and Tai Chi. Both were developed in China around 2500 BC. Traditional Chinese medicine was unknown to the Western world for thousands of years and it was only during these past several centuries has it been widely adopted by the West.

According to TCM, the human body possesses over a thousand acupuncture points and around fifty nine meridians. Individuals suffering from a number of ailments and conditions like acne and acne scars, bronchitis and asthma can be treated with acupuncture. One of the best benefits of acupuncture is its ability to remove pain. Each individual reacts to acupuncture in different ways which means that there may be some people who may not find acupuncture as effective in treating a condition as others.

One of the greatest advantages in using acupuncture is that this modality is completely devoid of any side effects.

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