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Dealing with Energy Vampires

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If a person comes with a certain health complaint headache, the acupuncturist generally gets a basic idea of whatever the person is being treated for. There are acupuncturists who are quite sensitive to their patients’ specific conditions and sometimes may occasionally feel the pain their patients may be experiencing. Practitioners are trained to protect their energy in order not to get sick themselves. They harness their sensitivity in order to understand better their patient’s illness and focus their mental energy to resolve the illness. In this manner, their patients leave their office pain free.

When a practitioner has this ability to tune in and even “feel” the condition the patient is suffering from, this ability, a little discomforting as it is, may be very vulnerable when they deal with patients who are energy vampires. These vampires don’t come with fangs and are not scary physically. However, they have the tendency to suck away at someone else’s energy. And since the acupuncturist works with vital energy all the time, they can suck and dry up a practitioner’s and even other patients’ energy. As a result, they all are drained of energy leaving them feeling completely awful. When an acupuncturist sticks needles into an energy vampire, not only is the energy from the needles and the environment being pumped into this person’s body, but the energy of the acupuncturist as well. Vampires, emotional or otherwise, need to always have some kind of energy to depend on and if they have nothing to cling to, they can’t work their way in.

How does an acupuncturist recognize an emotional or energy vampire? Well, some of their typical characteristics are that they try to get as much as they can for as little as possible, dictate the treatments, and are full of demands. From the onset to the end of the treatment they may passive-aggressively and with a sweet smile manipulate the entire procedure. Sometimes, these vampires just do away with niceties and straight away treat you with negativity and hate that some practitioner’s may even see a black cloud circling around the heads of these people. They complain about everything and everyone that from the moment they enter into the practitioner’s office, they will always find a fault about everything and everyone and always complain about them. Regardless of what they look like, these vampires will feed off the energy of everyone around them.

Most of us may not often think of energy and qi in our day to day life, although we may have encountered an energy/emotional vampire at least once in our life. You will feel miserable, bad about yourself, or emotionally exhausted after you have interacted with a vampire. This vampire may even be your best friend or the lover who constantly exhausts you; he or she may be your enemy. It doesn’t matter who they are because when you are around them you feel like you’re slowly being drained of energy and spirit. When you are with this person, you always feel sad and depressed or you might leave with an awful sense of unexplained guilt. You always end up feeling guilty since guilt is the trademark of these vampires. When you have interacted with a person who leaves you with a bad feeling about yourself, you have just interacted with a vampire. These people will destroy your self-confidence in order to boost their own.

To protect yourself from them, try to develop a kind of bubble where your energy is kept to prevent it from being exploited by vampires. For practitioners and acupuncturists in Edina, focus intensely on developing an energetic bubble between the patient and yourself. Do not give these vampires anything to latch onto. Keep your qi in a location beyond the reach of the vampire and so if your energy isn’t available, it can’t intermingle with theirs and therefore can’t be stolen. Do not allow yourself to get sucked into an argument since that is exactly what they want. Defensive or angry words are the doors in which you invite them into your life. Don’t react to negativity and neediness and construct a well between their fangs and your energy and emotions.

Written by Valerie

June 8th, 2015 at 11:45 pm

Posted in Acupuncture