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Coping with Monthly Cycle Issues By Means Of Acupuncture and Other Alternative Treatments

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Some women have to grit it out some days of each month to cope with issues in their monthly cycle. While there are women who have it easy with almost problem-free, short periods that seem to come and go without a hitch, there are several others that suffer significantly due to menstrual pain and cramping. Fortunately, there are several alternative treatments that can help alleviate most, if not all, of these issues.

It’s not the female reproductive system alone that’s affected by the hormones. They also impact the look and mood of the woman. Eastern medicines and acupuncture in Spokane can treat several conditions associated with the reproductive system. Two examples are PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Both are quite common issues that women suffer from. They can experience symptoms ranging from extreme mood changes to excruciating pain when it comes to PMS. What makes the pain more painful is the cramping that occurs as the body tries to clear out the whole uterine lining that had thickened. Patients who avail themselves of acupuncture and Eastern treatments for the relief of their symptoms experience immediate benefits from the treatments.

PCOS can have various effects on a woman’s body. It can lead to obesity the one almost impossible to resolve, moodiness, depression, scanty or no menses, and unnatural hair growth among many other problems. Those seeking acupuncture treatment are looking for a natural way to cure their problem and that is restoring balance to their hormones. To bring their body back into alignment, women who have to cope with the discomforts of their monthly period may require physical manipulation. A few of their aliments can be resolvedby taking supplements, but only a comprehensive form of treatment can alleviate the pain, bloating, and inflammation.

Several serious illnesses such as fibromyalgia and migraines can ensue from hormonal irregularities that affect the monthly cycle. Acupuncture can bring back balance to the flow of energy required to preserve a person’s health. When you decide on acupuncture as treatment for your menstrual problems, it will result in the relief of all those problems as well as other problems not related to your menses.

Over time, acupuncture has been shown to relieve cramps, improve blood circulation, and provide an overall decrease of harmful side effects that Mother Nature “capriciously” gave some women. It is beyond disbelief that Western trained physicians are not as aware of the benefits that acupuncture and spine realignment can give. Your menstrual cycle should neither be the one to dictate how you live nor should it be the one to degrade the quality of your life.

Coping with something that causes a minor inconvenience is one thing, but having to live with a monthly affliction that can totally disrupt your life is never good.

Written by Valerie

January 3rd, 2017 at 12:21 am

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