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Acupuncture Cleveland for Digestive Track Problems

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Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and is a very important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Cleveland.  TCM believes that life is possible because of an electromagnetic energy called chi or vital energy animating, growing and strengthening the human body.  This chi, like blood flows through invisible energy networks known as meridians.  Twelve known meridians are associated with specific major body organs.  Hence, there is a stomach meridian associated with the stomach and a kidney meridian connected to the kidneys, etc.  Although, meridians are invisible, TCM somehow knows the path of each meridian.  For example, the stomach meridian’s path begins inferior to the eyeball and travels from the face, down the anterior of the body and leg and down to the second toe.  On the other end of each meridian are acupuncture points or acupoints where the needles go to treat the imbalance of an organ.  Acupoints on the meridian of the stomach is applied with needles if the patient has any pain and/or conditions in the digestive system.  Besides the twelve aforementioned meridians, eight more meridians exist that manage blocked or weak energy in the twelve meridians.  All of the meridians connect to the brain and central nervous system regulating the emotional and physiological processes of the body.

Meridians are dotted with hundreds of acupoints.  These points trigger physiological changes in the body during acupuncture treatment.  Some acupoints are connected to meridians that may interconnect to other organs of the body and these acupoints have stronger impact in the body than other acupoints.  Besides needles, some acupuncture techniques are oftentimes used to maximize the treatment.  One technique called moxibustion uses moxa herbs that are burned over an acupoint.  A modern novel approach is laser acupuncture using the electromagnetic energy of lasers to activate acupoints.  One technique that uses finger pressure is called acupressure and some people swear by the efficacy of this treatment.

For digestive track problems, the acupoint called Intestine Gate is a very useful point in treating digestive conditions.  Intestine Gate is connected to the small intestine meridian, which is located on the ulnar side of the arm.  It is situated about 7.5 cm superior to the wrist of an adult.  If one is applying pressure to the bone on this point, the pressure will have a direct effect on the anus.  Putting pressure at this point will guarantee an experience of bowel movement control or in other words, one can hold off their need to use the toilet.  If the acupoint becomes sore on one arm due to the pressure, one can use the point on the other arm instead.  This is quite handy especially when a person is traveling long distances and is in a hurry to go where he/she needs to go.

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July 22nd, 2012 at 2:31 pm

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