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Chronic Back Problems and Acupuncture Spokane

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Why needlessly suffer from chronic back pain when a very good, natural and safe treatment is readily available for you?  Rather than choosing medications that only mask the symptoms and really do nothing to address the underlying cause of the problem or resort to back surgery where risk of injury is real and whose chance of success is less than 50%, acupuncture Spokane for the treatment of back pain is an alternative treatment that is more effective and safe than these conventional modes of treatment of your chronic back pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which acupuncture is an integral component of believes in a holistic treatment of the individual, addressing the real cause of the problem, whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical in nature.  Because of this approach, TCM views and addresses a disease in a different way than western medicine.  The body organs have specific functions in the body although they do work in unison with each other.  Diseases arise when the function of an organ is disrupted.  According to TCM, the body correspondingly adapts to changes in the environment with modifications to its rhythm as well.  Therefore, an interrelationship exists among the body organs that are in harmony with the environment.  Whenever the body fails to adapt to changes in the environment, imbalances in the body’s energy level occur.  To provide an accurate diagnosis TCM examines the symptoms of the patient’s disorders.

TCM is entirely different in how it diagnoses disorders than western medicine. For example, TCM believes prostate disorders are the result of dampness so these problems are treated based on its underlying cause. Another example would be problems in the liver and blood cause migraines and the acupuncturist diagnoses this problem based on the symptom patterns manifested.  The patterns that acupuncturists usually look for are: interior or exterior, cold or heat, excess or deficiency or yin and yang.  Problems seen in the mind, body and spirit are governed by these patterns.

The cost in health expenditures per year in the United States for chronic back problems is around $40 billion.  In the long run, medications will cost a lot more than a series of acupuncture treatments for back pain.  Also acupuncture costs a fraction of what back surgery costs, which does not even provide a guarantee for permanent cure of your back pain.  Acupuncture has been used for several thousands of years as a viable treatment for many kinds of disorders, including back pain.  It is a proven treatment especially if performed by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist.

Herbal medicine also contributes to the efficacy of acupuncture treatment and often is included with acupuncture therapy to make the treatment more effective.  An added bonus to the treatment is acupuncture’s ability to revitalize the energy level of the person or to calm and relax the mind during and after treatment.

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Written by Valerie

November 20th, 2011 at 10:13 am