Chinese Music Therapy For The Treatment Of Hearing Conditions

Thousands of years ago China, Chinese music therapy was deemed to be a holistic type of therapy. Nowadays, in modern-day China, physicians are getting interested in this traditional art and recommending it to their patients. Chinese physicians are researching on ancient practices to health conditions. A few years ago, music therapy has been slowly becoming a way to help three patients suffering from hearing conditions.

In traditional Chinese medicine in Spokane, the five notes from ancient Chinese music are considered to relate to the five primary organs of the body: the kidney, heart, liver, lungs and spleen. Music therapy, in particular,is being used to address a condition of repeated ringing and hearing in the ears with no external source: this condition is called tinnitus.

Ear and throat Chinese physician specialist Dr. Li Ming has been studying the potential use of music therapy for the treatment of other conditions. Dr Li Ming says, “In addition to the current musical therapy modalities, Chinese music therapy is his focus in the treatment of energy imbalances in our body that can result in psychological discomforts.”

“By listening to the tradition of Chinese notes, we are serving whether there are any issues with the five primary organs.” Music therapy’s goal is to heal holistically external and internal problems. Patients have benefited from the mental aspect of the therapy even though some of them claim it is not physically effective.

Longtime tinnitus sufferer, Hu Ping says, “I don’t think that music therapy directly affects my tinnitus, however, it replaces music with the ringing sensation in my ear and brain which is better. I am aware that they can never cure my problem, but the most important thing for me is its psychological aspect. Everything else does not matter as long as you address the psychological problems.”

In administering Chinese music therapy, the patient’sare told to listen three times a day to a 30-minute track. There are patients who will suffer from tinnitus their whole lives but Dr. Li is confident that Chinese music therapy can help alleviate some of their tinnitus symptoms.