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Chinese Medicine Treatments for Hemorrhoids

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If your hemorrhoids are painful and make your life a living hell, you need a really powerful treatment that will last a long time to cure or at least mitigate the symptoms. This article will talk about natural Chinese remedies that can rid you of the symptoms of irritation, burning, and itching related with hemorrhoids.

Even if quite a number of hemorrhoid products are sold in the market these days, the kind of remedy you need should be based on the severity of your symptoms.

An ancient treatment that has been discovered to also help resolve hemorrhoids and has been making a huge impact in the medical community these days; this treatment is known as acupuncture which the Chinese have used for ages to treat various kinds of conditions including hemorrhoids.

A lot of hemorrhoid sufferers are too shy to talk about their problem causing them to not act on their problem. Some of them however, are forced to seek help due to the severity of their symptoms. If you want a really effective treatment for hemorrhoids and desire to once again live a trouble free life, then I highly recommend acupuncture for your condition.

If you are asking if acupuncture is truly an effective treatment for hemorrhoids, let’s find out. But first we need to know what acupuncture is.

What Is Acupuncture?

As I said earlier, acupuncture is an ancient treatment (over 4000 years old), that originated from China. Here in the United States, it is considered as an alternative form of treatment. Acupuncture is usually used for the treatment of nausea and pain. It does this by using needles that are stuck in various parts of the skin. Acupuncture points or acupoints are the points at which these needles are inserted.

Acupuncture is not simply the sticking of needles into the body. The needles are also manipulated in certain ways to provide real pain relief. The needles are usually made out of stainless steel. If they are used more than once, the acupuncturist thoroughly sterilizes them before they are used once more. This is to prevent the spread of infection and transmission of diseases.


Acupoints are found along the energy channels meridians of the body known as meridians. These are the pathways or vessels in which bio-electromagnetic energy known as Chi or Qi flows. In Chinese medicine, Chi is believed to be responsible for the normal functioning of the body.

According to Chinese medicine, when the flow of Chi is obstructed at any point of the meridian, it will cause the body to function improperly and the body will begin showing signs of ill health. There are also acupoints that are located outside the meridians. These are called extraordinary points.

Another set of acupoints have recently been identified. Unlike the other acupuncture points, these points are mostly associated with chronic pain and have no fixed locations.

There are currently more than 671 acupoints that have been discovered. This number has increased ever since. Included in this count are the points located in the external ear which are powerful points used to treat addiction and other types of physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and chemical problems.

Acupuncture essentially allows for the treatment of scores of health problems but is commonly used in the West for pain and discomfort. Its basic foundation is the notion that various parts of the body are intimately tied to each other via the meridians. So, it is very possible to remove a blockage in a meridian from an acupoint to generate healing far from the part of the body that is being healed.

Acupuncturists believe that the body is segmented into different zones. One zone has specific points that are marked by an alphanumeric code that serves as a guide to these practitioners.

Hemorrhoids and Acupuncture

Sufferers of mild to moderate hemorrhoids can get symptomatic relief with acupuncture. It stops any bleeding related to hemorrhoids, lessens the swelling of blood vessels and tissue, and helps alleviate the pain. Saratoga Springs Acupuncture hemorrhoid treatment uses acupoints located on the ears and lower legs. At times, the acupoints in the arms are also treated.

Some of the most commonly used acupoints used in the treatment of piles include DU 1 (Changqiang), Bl 37 (Chengshan), Bl 35 (Huiyang), and Bl 32 (Ciliao).

Providing relief for hemorrhoid sufferers, other identified acupuncture points include the Bl 40 located behind the knees, Bl 39, (Weishong), Bl 39 (Weiyang), Bl 38 (Fu Hsi), Bl 37 (Yinmen) and Bl 36 (Chengful). For hemorrhoids that are prolapsed, Chinese medicine would call this Chi prolapsed and the acupoints used for this condition are located on the top of the head.

Acupuncture oftentimes can help alleviate pain caused by strain during bowel movements and hemorrhoids. For certain individuals, this treatment leads to complete cure while for others, it needs to be used along with other treatments to entirely cure their hemorrhoids.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Besides curing hemorrhoids or relieving its symptoms, acupuncture influences the central nervous system, helping strengthen the immune system and overall health of the sufferer. It resolves the hemorrhoids by identifying certain patterns in the body. When the patterns are known, the acupuncturist will then proceed with the treatment.

This unique Chinese way of treating conditions works by determining the acupoints that need to addressed in order to treat or cure the hemorrhoids. The acupuncture points that are identified by means of observation are associated with the neural connections to the anal region.

Acupuncture aids in getting rid of blood stasis and promotes circulation of blood to the rectal region. The treatment stimulates the growth of new tissues and heals the inflamed area.

Another Acupuncture Procedure for Hemorrhoids

This type of acupuncture works by identifying the most common acupoints found in the sacrum bone regions. The region affected gets administered with 7-star acupuncture needles designed to decrease the irritation, swelling, and inflammation. This treatment requires a minimum of one session a week.

You may be surprised to know that your first acupuncture treatment will be ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy) in spite of the fact that hemorrhoids are a condition primarily associated with the anal region. Based on Chinese medicine principles, the nerves located in the ear are connected with the anal or rectal area. Therefore the administration of ear acupuncture aids a lot in relieving the symptoms OF hemorrhoids.

Chinese Herbs and Medicines for Hemorrhoids

One should know that a treatment of Chinese herbs and medicine combined with acupuncture treatment leads to quick amelioration of irritation, swelling, and pain symptoms. For the soothing of burning, irritation, and pain on the anal region, Ma Ying Long Musk hemorrhoids ointment can be very helpful.

This balm is made up of the goodness of seven traditional Chinese herbs including lanolin, Vaseline, Borneol, Pearl, Bezoar, calamine, amber, and musk. Apply Mayinglong musk hemorrhoids ointment on the affected parts of the body two times a day for fast relief from pain.

The benefits of this ointment include the decrease of dryness on the affected areas which significantly lessen the itching. It also reduces the swollen tissues and helps make bowel movements much easier. The calamine lessens the size of blood vessels, resulting in the resolution of the underlying root of the hemorrhoids. Mayinglong is ideal for both external and internal hemorrhoids.

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