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Chinese Acupressure Exercise Techniques To Relieve Eye Strain And Improve The Health Of Your Eyes

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The use of digital devices and personal computers are at an all-time high, hence, it is vital that we should do things that can help alleviate eye strain caused by excessive close up work. One specific component of eye exercises are Chinese acupressure exercises in Bellingham which aim to resolve the issue of eye strain.

What are Chinese Acupressure exercises?

Chinese Acupressure exercises are ancient healing practices that began 5,000 years ago. It is a technique that follows the theory of the existence of energy channels called meridians in the body that are tied in certain ways to organs in the body. The massage techniques in acupressure stimulate the pressure points on the skin and the meridians increasing blood and energy flow to the respective organs thereby enhancing health. Some of these pressure points are found on the face, feet, and hands. Aside from the massage techniques, a set of eye exercises are also performed that can be very helpful to alleviate tension and stress in the eyes and to boost the health of the eyes.

Several researches have shown the efficacy of acupressure. One study conducted in 2003, revealed that acupressure methods performed on the ears helped reduce anxiety in adult patients while they were being transported to the hospital by an ambulance. Other studies have proven the effectiveness of acupressure in other types of health issues.

Below is a sample of how one can administer Chinese acupressure eye exercise techniques properly:

To administer massage therapy around the bony sockets of the eyes, start by using the middle fingers of both your hands massaging the sockets in an outward motion. Next, using both middle fingers, move upwards and then move downwards to the bridge of your nose. Repeat this procedure ten times.

With the use of both middle fingers, perform an up and down massage with your fingers to the hollow area of both your temples. Repeat the procedure ten times.

The last exercise entails massaging in an up and down motion the bones behind your earlobes. Perform this procedure ten times.

There are several benefits you can derive from getting these acupressure techniques: a few of these benefits include energizing your visual system and the increase of flow of blood to the vessels of the eyes both of which improve the health of your eyes.

If you are in urgent need of relieving strain and tension in your eyes, this Chinese acupressure eye exercise technique can be very helpful for you. They enhance the flow of blood to the blood vessels of the eyes and transport oxygen and energy to the visual system. This eventually results in the treatment of eye strain, vastly improved eyesight, and a substantial decrease of stress in the visual system.

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