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Chi Kung Simply Explained

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What is Chi-Kung?

Chi-Kung more commonly known as Qi Gong is an age-old Chinese system of exercises, postures, meditations,and breathing techniques. Its methods are meant to bolster and improve the energy or chi of the body. Chi, from the standpoint of Chinese Taoist philosophy, is the basic life energy responsible for vitality and health of a person.

Believed to be five to seven millennia old, Chi-Kung was passed down in secrecy from teachers and monks to students for thousands of years and has survived the upheavals of the Communist Revolution which prohibited the practices of these arts. In the 1980’s Chi-Kung was brought to the West to promote longevity and self-healing and to prevent illness. These days, millions of people all over the world practice this gentle and tranquil art. Chi-kung is an exhortation to find what works best for your whole being.

Chi-Kung was deeply influenced by the martial arts and many of them likewise evolved from Chi-Kung. Acupressure and acupuncture in Orlando both use the same energy acupuncture points that the practice of chi-kung stimulates and clears.

Chi translates to the vital energy responsible for life. We can find Chi in the food we eat, air we breathe and in sunlight. Chi is the body’s invisible life force that engenders and sustains life. Kung roughly translates to motion or movement. Chi Kung, therefore, means moving with the vital energy or moving the energies.

The motions are meant to facilitate the movement of this energy within the body. This movement triggers the self-healing abilities of the body. When this “significant movement” of energy is obstructed –illness or pain ensues. The constant practice of Chi movements enhances the movement of energy and gives you longevity and vitality. Chi-Kung is available to all, the less able, the able, the old, and the young.


People can practice Chi-Kung on a daily basis to improve overall well-being and health,and to extend longevity and prevent disease. It can be used to relieve stress and boost energy. It fosters balance; develops feelings of well being, strength and health; and enhances the energies of the body. Chi Kung exploits the natural functions of the body to reinforce stamina, coordination, and flexibility; release stress; and heal chronic back and joint problems. The underlying principle of Chi Kung is to amass and develop Chi. Chi-Kung is used is China in combination with other medical modalities for different chronic conditions, including allergies, asthma, cancer, AIDS, depression, headaches, strokes,mental illness, and heart disease.The constant practice of this traditional art increases one’s energy flow and enhances longevity and vitality.

Practicing Chi-Kung

Chi-Kung is made up of movements, postures, mental exercises, and breathing techniques. The movements are meantto stretch, strengthen, and tone the body and to increase the flow of energy. Postures involve lying down, sitting, or standing. Mental exercises and Meditations are meant to move chi throughout the body and clear the mind. Most of these exercises are visualizations that focus on certain parts of the body. One such mental exercise is termed the “Inner Smile.”

The benefits derived from Chi Kung exercises are accruing. The results and effects of the practices increaseas one practices through the year. Your spirits are uplifted and health improves not to mention your body becoming stronger and more relaxed as you practice Chi Kung on a daily basis.

Chi-Kung will provide you with these positives:

 Improve your health
 Increase your well being and health
 Help you feel relaxed and happy
 Feel you with energy

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April 9th, 2019 at 9:29 am

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