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Causes of Tinnitus

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Tinnitus can come about due to of a number of reasons.

Cochlea damage – A vast majority (about 85%) of individuals with tinnitus have this condition because of damage to their cochlea. Listening to very loud ear-deafening sounds (explosions, loud sound from mp3 players or iPods, firecrackers, industrial noise, loud stereos, concerts, etc.) for prolonged periods of time can lead to cochlea damage. When your cochlea has been damaged it may not only lead to tinnitus but to temporary or permanent hearing loss as well.

Besides extended exposure of your ears to very loud noise, damage to your cochlea can also be caused by other factors. This can include head surgery, a serious blow to the head, nasal or ear passage surgery, ear infection or even ear wax removal. These factors do not entail any exposure to any loud sound in your ears to cause you to develop tinnitus.

Stress-related tinnitus – One out of ten people with tinnitus has this condition caused by stress. Stress related tinnitus is the next most typical cause for tinnitus. Stress can become too much for the body that the body can be physically affected. When stress is the cause of your tinnitus, the brain, (particularly, the hypothalamus) is usually the affected part of your body that leads to that distinctive hearing problem among others. People who are always under severe stress will be at a high risk of tinnitus symptoms that are particularly more severe than normal. The reason for this is that the hypothalamus being extremely exposed to long-term stress suddenly ceases to produce specific essential chemicals that the body requires to function normally. Reducing or managing stress is the best way to reduce or prevent this type of tinnitus.

Sinus infection – About 5% of tinnitus sufferers develop this hearing problem due to sinus infection. Tinnitus caused by sinus infection is the third most prevalent cause of tinnitus. People who suffer from chronic allergies, rhinitis or sinusitis are at high risk to develop this type of tinnitus. Tinnitus as a result of sinus infection stems from the accumulation of mucus in the middle ear and this actually is not because of the sinus infection but as a side effect of the antihistamine and antibiotic medicines for allergic conditions or sinus infections. The mucus in the middle ear eventually becomes infected eventually resulting in ringing in the ear. A good way to address this kind of tinnitus is by thinning the mucus down making it easy to be drained out from the ear.

Meniere’s Disease – Tinnitus is actually one of the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease. Meniere’s Disease is also an ear problem that causes symptoms of nausea, tinnitus, ear pressure, vertigo and dizziness in a person. This disease is a chronic disorder and an individual suffering from it often feels very tired and needs too sleep a lot particularly after the flare up of the disease.

Tinnitus can become severe enough to affect your daily activities and be very annoying. If you target the underlying problem that causes tinnitus, you eventually will be able to treat this ear condition.


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