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Causes of Allergic Reactions

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Allergic reactions happen when the body, particularly the immune system, fails to recognize a foreign material that has entered the body and as a result responds negatively to its presence.

A person can acquire allergies to specific conditions and foods that he often is not aware he is allergic to until he has been in contact with or has consumed them. An allergic reaction is often termed as an “attack” by doctors. When a person experiences an allergic attack he develops many kinds of negative bodily occurrences. These occurrences may be a minor response such as an itchy feeling or a rash while sometimes it can be extremely severe and even deadly such as an anaphylaxis reaction that entails breathing difficulty like in an asthma attack.

The foreign substances that cause allergic reactions are called allergens and they can be very different and varied.  A lot of individuals usually already know what items or substances they are allergic to. Allergens, generally, are things that bother your nasal passage and perceived by your immune system as foreign and harmful to your body.

The most common factors causing allergic reactions are foods. A lot of people are allergic to certain food items like crops, shrimps, shellfishes and nuts. When it comes to fruits, a many individuals are allergic to strawberries. While some have no allergic reactions to poultry and dairy products, there may be moments when a person can experience reactions like rashes when eating them if he has been eating these products more than a few times per day.

Another and more dangerous factor that can trigger allergic reactions are medicines.  Some of the more commonly known drugs that can trigger allergic reactions include penicillin, amoxicillin and aspirin. Analgesic medicines such as Mefenamic acid and anesthesia can trigger deadly allergic responses especially if the immune system can find these medicines useless to the body.

Products and substances that contain a lot of concentrated amounts of harsh chemical in them such as dyes and detergents can likely cause skin allergic reactions to develop. Other substances that can lead to allergic reactions can include environmental factors like temperature, hay, dust and pollen.

Basically and potential any substance can cause an allergic reaction to some people. There are also allergic reactions that have been inherited from someone in a person’s family tree even if that family member has lived and died generations ago.  The important thing to remember in all these is that you need to be aware of your allergic reactions.  These reactions can sometimes act nastily and affect you severely all of a sudden. However, if you know what your allergens are and how they affect you, you could easily prevent them from occurring or avoid them altogether.

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