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Beyond Chinese Herbal Medicine And Acupuncture

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I’d like to discuss the spiritual aspect of the practice of medicine and how it relates to Chinese medical gynecology since so many of our patients come to gynecology through fertility, and fertility issues are very, very difficult and stressful for many patients. While working in a Western fertility clinic, what I see are these repeated attempts to get pregnant and the repeated losses of pregnancy or no implantation.

There’s so much that affects the affect of the person and what it does to the person emotionally, psychological and spiritually issomething that most of us in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine don’t really get a great opportunity to help with. We want to make suggestions about Qigong or about meditation, and there are some that certainly do that.

The point of this article very briefly is to encourage people to take some extra time with your patients and help them cultivate a mindfulness practice of some kind, if they don’t have it, and meet them where they are. You don’t need to introduce a new form of spirituality or a new form of religion, but just simply help them find their breath and learn to count their breath as well as to focus on being in that moment.

This is because we’ve seen studies coming out of Harvard over the years that talk about your plasticity and the ability to quite literally change your mind through the practice of mindfulness meditation. I couldn’t agree more, but it doesn’t have to be a strictly scientific approach either. It’s our natural state to be into stillness, to be in silence.

However, over the course of our lives, we pile on so much conditioning and sense of identity that we come to believe that is who we really are. Over time and through the process of meditation, that begins to quiet down and the layers begin to fall away. What you are now left with is the original stillness of mind.

That may sound lofty or esoteric but I can assure you that through very simple mindfulness practices, your patients will begin to experience that frame and state of mind. So, my advice is to encourage your patients to do that. It will work wonders with regard to fertility, it will work wonders with regard to gynecological complaints.

In the end, I personally believe, beyond herbal medicine, beyond acupuncture in Edina, beyond these external interventions, it’s the internal exploration of our minds and our spirits that really holds the key to long lasting change for our patients as well as for us practitioners. Take care of yourself too.

Written by Valerie

April 30th, 2019 at 2:20 am

Posted in Acupuncture