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Bellmore Acupuncture For Back Pain

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What an Experience — Back Pain:

All of us have arrived home from a difficult day on the job and experienced back pain. If it were only temporary, most likely we could deal with it. The acupuncture Bellmore clinic knows that if the nagging pain doesn’t get treated, you will have trouble sleeping and doing your normal activities.

Pulling or straining a muscle is the usual cause of back pain. This kind of pain is generally mild and relatively short-lived. You can control the pain with medicine if it is required, but you may also find a solution with stretching or massaging. Back pain is unique because bed rest does not help the problem. Although it is not advisable to continue whatever activity led to the muscle pull, some gentle movements will alleviate pain and hasten recovery.

Your posture might be the cause of your minor constant back pain. Any time you stand or change position, you are applying pressure somewhere on your spine. If it is in the right place, the pressure will be spread out evenly and you will be alright; but if your spine is crooked, the result can be pressure points and discomfort. To get rid of minor discomfort, you might have to switch your mattress, chair and maybe your shoes since all of them could be the reason for pain. It’s vital that you have consistently good posture whenever you stand, sit, and sleep.

For back pain that is more intense, the underlying cause might be something serious. Chronic types of back pain may arise from conditions such as disc herniation, stenosis of the spine, fibromyalgia or arthritis. If your back pain is very bad or continuous, visit a doctor to identify the trouble and make sure that you don’t have a worse condition like cancer or an infection.

Treating back problems basically varies considering the reason you have your pain, which is the reason it is necessary to have the right diagnosis. Based on your problem, the treatment could range from just stretching and muscle building exercises to proper spine realignment or an operation to fix the problem physically. In several instances, your doctor might just have to give you a pain reducing prescription, such as pain killers, antidepressants and muscle relaxers.

A lot of folks are reluctant to get treated for back pain for fear of operations and drugs, particularly potent analgesics and narcotics. In case you would rather avoid a medical solution, you can try different methods of managing the pain. A good number of back pain sufferers get help from massage, chiropractic adjustments, and exploring more experimental methods like diaphragmatic breathing and visualization exercises. Even if these techniques help with the pain, if there is a serious issue, you should still consult a physician.

A lot of people just experience back pain until it stops. Regardless of the reason, constant back pain isn’t something you should be stuck with. A lot of different methods of treatment exist, yet you need to adopt a proactive approach.

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August 12th, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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