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Allergy – Coping and Support

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Below are some of the tips you can try to help you cope with your allergy symptoms.

New and stronger forms of allergy medication – Antihistamines, which are over-the-counter allergy drugs target common allergy symptoms like itchy eyes and runny nose. Its common side effect, however, is that it makes people drowsy.  Now you can opt for newer forms of antihistamines that effectively ease symptoms but have less or no drowsy side effects to the person. Nasal allergy drugs bought over-the-counter that are quite effective and popular include nasal decongestants and nasal saline rinses. If all of these OTC drugs do not work for you, then seek an appointment with your allergy doctor who can help identify the causes and the seriousness of your allergy. He can recommend immunotherapy for you, which is the use of other stronger medications such as prescription leukotriene inhibitors and nasal corticosteroids and allergy injections. These drugs help lessen symptoms and inflammation.

It’s sometimes hard to avoid allergy triggers especially when it involves nasal allergens and during springtime. You can lessen the likelihood of getting allergy by knowing the pollen count on the news and just staying at home when the pollen count is high.  If you want to go out, mornings can be the best time for you; this is the time of the day when pollen count is at its lowest.  The pollen count is also always low after a downpour so you can also go out immediately right after the rain stops.

Some helpful ways that can help you easily cope with your allergy problem are:

  • Dry, windy days can mean a high pollen count, so during these types of days, just try to stay indoors.
  • After going outside, immediately change your clothes and shower to rid your clothes and your whole body of pollens that might have landed in your clothes and head and body.
  • If you’re not yet going to wash them right away, leave those clothes in the laundry room. Do not bring them with you into your bathroom or bedroom. If you need to do outdoor gardening or any type of outdoor work, work then wearing a mask.
  • Clean you house of allergens – Regular cleaning of the house all year round is a good way to rid your house of allergens like mold and dust mites and help you lessen your allergy symptoms in the process.
  • Sweep, dust and vacuum your house at least once a week. When you vacuum, use a HEPA filter; when you wipe objects, wipe using a microfiber or a damp cloth.
  • To effectively kill dust mites, clean and wash your bedding using hot water boiled to at least 130 degrees. Cover your mattress and pillows with allergen proof covers. Avoid using feather pillows as well as down comforters.
  • If you are using furnace or air filters, use HEPA air filters that are designed for optimal entrapment of allergens.
  • Eliminate all kinds of house molds using a mild bleach solution. Thoroughly clean your bathroom including the liner, shower curtain and toilet mat where molds have developed.
  • Fit an exhaust fan in your bathroom and you can add a dehumidifier in your basement as well.
  • If you can live without indoor plants, then rid yourself of them. The soil of those houseplants can be host to many forms of molds.
  • Keep papers and books in shelf cabinets that are always closed.
  • Minimize pet dander in your home – If you have a pet dog or cat, then you will be always in the presence of allergens – all cats and dogs carry allergens in their dead skin (dander) and even saliva that many people may be allergic to. If you own a pet dog or cat and are allergic to animal dander or saliva, then you need to bathe your pet for a minimum of once a week – more if it’s pollen season and your pet keeps always going outdoors.  Let your bedroom be off-limits to them as well as to upholstered surfaces.

Getting Good Sleep Even with Allergies

It is hard to get a good sleep if you are experiencing nasal allergies. Apart from availing of a treatment and prevention plan, you can opt to use the following tips to get a good satisfying and complete sleep:

Exercising regularly can make you sleep better. It also reduces stress in your mind and body which may have been causing your sleepless nights.

Follow your scheduled bedtime

Do not drink or eat any thing with caffeine on it before going to sleep.

Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

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