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Acupuncture Treatment for Food Addiction

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To be frank about it, it’s normal to see extremely obese people walking in the streets these days. Everywhere you go, you see overweight and obese men, women and children. Take out restaurants serving high sugar and/or high fat and deep fried foods as well as an unhealthy lifestyle (sitting in front of a computer or watching TV for several hours) that modern life affords us has made a lot of us unhealthy and fat. However, if you really, really think about it, there is an underlying reason why most of us become overweight and that is we are in a battle with our subconscious and losing very badly.

It’s a sad fact that foods bad for us are the ones that are the most delicious. Who can say that spinach is a more delectable dish than ice cream? Hardly anyone wants to throw up when eating ice cream which can’t be said if you’re eating raw spinach (unless you have a fetish for spinach). Of course we’re talking about American society here since in some countries, spinach is actually a delicacy especially when they’re prepared and cooked the right way. Here, spinach will look good and might even taste good if you’re desperately trying to lose weight.

In the United States, it’s virtually possible to taste any type of food of every country on earth since virtually every type of people in the world resides here in one way or another. There is no problem eating the type of food we want to eat and what we often want served in the dinner table are foods that will give us the most pleasure that are not necessarily the healthiest.

Our mood and emotion can dictate the kind of food we want to eat. In fact, craving for food and our mood and emotion are closely associated with each other that they’re almost inseparable. The foods that give us the most pleasure release the largest amounts of endorphins and other natural “feel-good” chemicals streaming into our bloodstream.

Our spirit can also get affected by food and this effect can be so strong that it can be called an addiction. However, with food addiction, there is not such thing as cold turkey. You don’t tell a cocaine addict to stop his addiction by taking just a little bit of cocaine everyday and then have him watch his other fellow addicts do it and watch commercials to see other people doing it. However, only you can take a little cocaine everyday. How absurd is that?

Of course, the cocaine addict would fail in controlling his addiction if he is exposed to the kind if situation discussed in the last paragraph. In food addiction, you need to eat and so too do others. One thing’s for sure though, just like any type of addiction, you need to change your behavior if you’re addicted to food. Being addicted to food is not an addiction to grains and vegetables but oftentimes to food filled with sugar and fat.

How does acupuncture help you lose weight?

We mentioned about endorphins and how they are considered to be the body’s own natural “feel-good” chemicals. These same chemicals are released when you do drugs, have sex and eat pleasurable foods. The one other thing endorphins can be released by the body is through acupuncture. Most of us derive pleasure from eating foods rich in fat and carbs after enduring a horrendous and stressful day at work. Acupuncture can take the place of these foods providing you with pleasure but instead of ruining your health and body, acupuncture can make you healthy and happy instead.

So, if you are eating because of stress or if you binge because you’re in a mood to do so, consider acupuncture instead to give you the pleasure that you seek and instead of padding on those weights, your body and mind will be energized enough to help seriously you consider doing exercise and control your craving which leads to weight loss.

Tammi Jones is a board certified and licensed acupuncture physician in Palm Harbor, FL.

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September 15th, 2014 at 9:36 am

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