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Acupuncture Minus The Needle Penetration

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A survey recently conducted by NCCAM showed that around 12% of children ages 17 years and lower and 38 of adults in the US, are undergoing some type of alternative and complementary medicines. There are however, also concerns about the safety and effectiveness of some treatments.

Throughout history, the ancient Chinese therapy known as acupuncture has benefited countless numbers of people health-wise. And now it has been discovered that it can benefit animals as well. Scientists are now exploring newer uses of this traditional complementary mode of healing: “Acupuncture without the insertion of needle.”

Acupuncture Minus The “Puncture”

Recent studies that used acupuncture without insertion was used on cancer patients suffering from radiotherapy- associated nausea. The patients experienced relief from nausea through this novel type of acupuncture procedure that produced the same effect as an “acupuncture with penetration” procedure.

All four studies were done in Sweden at the Vårdal Institute and at the Medicine and Health Sciences Department at Linköping University. One noted study involved the participation of 215 patients who were receiving radiation therapy and were administered with one of these two acupuncture types.

The 106 patients received only a simulated acupuncture treatment using blunt telescopic placebo needles that barely touched the skin while the rest were treated with traditional acupuncture that involved the penetration of needles into certain points on the skin.

The outcomes were astounding. Nausea was relieved in about 95% of the patients in both treatment groups.

Acupuncture is a much better treatment for relieving several maladies compared to several other forms of alternative therapy. However, when it’s not properly administered it’s also well-known to cause serious negative effects, including punctured organs and infections.

However, with this new study that showed acupuncture without penetration as equally effective as its traditional counterpart, it is likely that the risks of infections and organ injury can be prevented once and for all.

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Written by Valerie

April 11th, 2017 at 5:09 pm

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