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Acupuncture Linwood Treatment for Anxiety

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Even when modern living has managed to make facets of life much more comforting, a great number of individuals still manage to feel emotionally unhappy.  Why?  Modern lifestyle itself has made personal relationships and normal living untenable to keep and difficult to hold.   Anxiety is a widespread psychological and emotional condition that individuals suffer nowadays. Acupuncture provides a natural alternative treatment from this emotion and helps one to go back to a relaxed and saner life.

Acupuncture Linwood and traditional Chinese Medicine believe the mind as well as the body to be integral aspects of an individual.  External factors (Cold, Heat and Wind) and internal factors of illness were believed to caused by extreme emotions. Extreme emotions such as worry, fear, joy and sadness correspond to the five body organs associated with yin and imbalances or injuries in these organs are due to these extreme emotions festering over time.

Western lifestyle has made life too complex, stressful and impersonal rather than just allowing for a laid back way of life and more time to unwind and this affects the body and mind to become stressed up, creating anxiety. Acupuncture is a fantastic therapy that can treat this psycho-emotional disorder.  Acupuncture involves inserting needles to specific points in the body and these needles cause a very tranquil and relaxing state during the treatment.

Anxiety comes from worrying about future events that is beyond a person’s control.  Symptoms of anxiety are post-traumatic stress disorder, panic episodes, chest pain, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, stomachache, nausea, or headache among others.  Anxiety is an expected reaction to the pressures of daily living but excessive anxiety or anxiety occurring randomly is a disorder.

According to TCM way of thinking, anxiety can be related to the imbalanced energies of the kidneys and heart.  The heart organ or yang organ invariably sends blood all over the body. Extreme excitement, such as excessive joy imbalances the yang (fire) inside and causes heat in the heart resulting in anxiety and sleeplessness. The kidney represents yin (water) and balances the fire in the heart. If the kidney is lacking in energy, the heart fire increases disturbing the mind.

Acupuncture therapies such as body and ear acupuncture at specific points are applied to normalize the kidneys and heart, balance their yin and yang and reduce anxiety.  Sometimes, ear tacks are placed at the ear acupuncture points to prolong and maximize the healing until after the next treatment.

Depending on the severity of the anxiety, treatment may last a few days or half a year.  Without the need for any pharmaceutical drugs, acupuncture is a relatively safe and superior treatment for anxiety without any side effects to worry about and is a treatment that allows the mind to remain calm and placid amid the constant pressure brought about my modern living.