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About 20% of the population in the United Stateshas suffered some kind of depression

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Lack of exercise, weight gain, family obligations, busy schedules, relationship problems and financial concerns are some of the things that can bear pressure on our lives. They can affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually and cause us to become depressed and/or anxious. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture provide a unique approach and treatment for life’s common challenges.

We can experience a wide range of symptoms (all negative) from anxiety. They may include mild worrying to issues such as panic attacks, shortness of breath, insomnia and nausea.  Anxiety is actually the body’s normal response to tense and new situations; however, if your anxiety occurs for no rational reason at all or if it happens in a severe manner, it’s a sign that your anxiety is abnormal. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can treat anxiety symptoms and bring back harmony and balance to the mental and physical aspects of your being.

From an acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine point of view, a lot of the symptoms of anxiety are derived from the energy relationship between the kidneys and the heart. The kidneys’ characteristics are contemplative, inward and fluid. They are of the nature of yin. The heart, on the other hand, has attributes that orients upward, is expansive and fiery. These are all characteristics of yang energy. If the body possesses too much fire energy, you may experience such symptoms as agitation of the mind and anxiety.

In the United States, about 20% of the population has suffered some kind of depression at certain points in their lives. Depression has symptoms like overeating of foods and/or excessive consumption of alcohol, crying spells, isolation, anger, cynicism and apathy. This emotional condition may be exacerbated during cold seasons.  Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a kind of depression that occurs in low light conditions especially during the months of winter.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, the function of the liver is to regulate Qi (vital energy) circulating in the body. A malfunctioning liver can result in sluggishness, limited provision of resources, and unhealthy blockages of energy and blood. TCM and acupuncture terms this condition as Qi stagnation and liver depression. Depression occurs when the body’s ability to transport resources slows down or stagnates. Stagnation develops when energy deficiency leads to the weak circulation of blood and Qi causing obstruction. This can lead to emotional instability, musculoskeletal pain, and digestive and sleep problems. TCM and acupuncture can provide you with effective strategies to treat the depressed energy and remove stagnation. This will result in a much better outlook and health.

Even if the trappings modern life offers make living a little bit easier, a lot of people still live under emotional sadness particularly during the Holiday season. Depression, stress and anxiety are emotions that affect many people in the US during this supposedly happy time of the year. TCM and acupuncture are safe and effective modalities to help restore balance in the body and make one truly appreciate the joyous times of the year.

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August 10th, 2014 at 2:14 am

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