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Acupuncture Can Enhance the Health of Your Skin

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Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man. This unique Chinese modality uses sharp and thin needles that are inserted into certain parts of the known as acupoints. When the needles are inserted, it helps restore harmony and balance in the body. It also bolsters the capacity of the body to heal itself.

Acupuncture is often used to treat physical aches and pain including migraines, headache, and injuries. It can also be used to treat conditions such as disorders in the gastrointestinal organs and in the respiratory and nervous system; nausea; depression; anxiety; and insomnia among others.

There are over 2,000 acupoints scattered throughout your body including your face. If certain acupoints on the face are treated, wrinkles can be removed or minimized. Using acupuncture on certain points on the face also can help lessen crow’s feet, brow wrinkles and fine line in your face. Because of its capacity to restore the muscular system’s healthy functions acupuncture can also improve the function of the underlying muscles of your skin to prevent dermis sagging. It also releases and relieves tension on the key parts of the face.

You derive long-term healing benefits including treatment of inflammation with acupuncture. Treated Inflamed cells can lead to a betterment in skin countenance and tone as well as increase the levels of elastin and collagen in your body resulting in a much better looking and healthy skin

If you are looking for a natural way to look much younger, acupuncture can help you with this. It helps to rebalance the functions of your body and make your appearance look younger and more attractive. However, the one thing I would advise if you want really good results is to have yourself treated by an acupuncturist who is qualified and licensed. Doing so will prevent unnecessary accidents, nerve malfunctions, paralysis or even death if the needles are inserted in the wrong parts of the body.

Spa centers and hospitals are establishments were you can find qualified and licensed acupuncturists who provide for this type of treatment. It is much better to consult with these professionals as you know that they have undergone the right training for their practice.

If you are serious about maintaining the optimal health of your skin, then you need to drink adequate amounts of water or fluids everyday to keep your body hydrated and your skin moist all the time. Drinking lots of water can distribute fluid throughout the skin’s deeper layers.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a board certified and licensed acupuncturist and the founder of Ni Nan Healing Art Center in Bellmore, NY.

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November 18th, 2014 at 12:05 pm

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