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Acupressure For Curing Nose Pressure And Sinusitis

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Chronic sinusitis can lead to congestion and pain in your nose and your whole face. To cure the pressure on your face, there are many natural remedies you can consider.

Acupressure is a treatment technique closely affiliated with acupuncture in Bellingham. Although this procedure can be administered in-office, anyone can also use it on themselves on a limited basis.

Acupressure is closely based on acupuncture that uses the same principle of activating certain pressure points in the body. The biggest difference between the two modalities is that instead of using acupuncture needles, acupressure treatments can stimulate the pressure points without the need for needles.

Around the inner rim of your eyes is one of the most beneficial parts of the body areas to begin your journey to acupressure relief. And anyone, including you, can perform this is one style on yourself.

Place your thumbs about halfway up on both nostrils of your nose. Firmly press the thumbs against the cartilage of your nose. Hold this for thirty seconds (make sure it’s 30 seconds for it can seem like a long time when you’re in this position!)

Repeat this procedure as often as possible.

There is one other acupressure technique that can help clear your sinus cavities and restore sinus drainage. Press your index finger and left thumb on both sides of the bridge of your nose on the areas next to your inner eyes.

Using the heel and fingers of your right hand, reach for the muscles on the two sides of your spine at the back of your neck. On all four points, apply pressure for about a minute. (And if people ask what you’re doing, you can say to them that it’s a new yoga move!)

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February 26th, 2019 at 1:56 pm

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