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Acne – Risk Factors

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The onset of the teenage age significantly increases a person’s risk of developing acne. At this stage, the body experiences a sudden surge of hormonal activity that often results in the excess production of sebum that lasts until the age of 20. This is true for both male and female. For women, they can develop acne during their menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.


Too much stress in the mind and body can result in the imbalance of hormone production that can result in the development of acne. Androgens, male hormones are agents that accelerate the increase of sebum in the skin. Adrenal glands are known to overproduce androgens during stressful instances which thus results in the overproduction of sebum


The frequent usage of cosmetic products with high fat content can add to the sebum in the skin that can eventually result in acne. Some drugs like lithium and those with corticosteroids, medications high in iodine content and oral contraceptives that tend to disrupt the normal function of the hormonal glands can lead to skin problems such as acne.


Since acne can be passed along by genetics and if you have a family history of acne, then you are at a high risk of developing acne as well. Babies whose mothers have the gene that causes acne can develop acne from stress during their birth.

Other Risk Factors

Besides the aforementioned common factors that can cause acne, other possible factors that may give rise to acne can include some disorders in the endocrine system, congenital adrenal hyperplasia and, polycystic ovary syndrome. Sometimes even things that cause pressure on your skin like tight collars, heavy backpacks, tight helmets can cause acne.

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