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A Few Healthy Tips For Losing Weight If You Plan To Order Chinese Foods

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If you are on a diet, you may not know just how detrimental Chinese food can be if we don’t order the right foods. Unfortunately, a lot of the foods served at your local Chinese restaurant are either pan fried or deep fried, which implies that the food will be loaded with calories, trans fats, and cholesterol. This work will discuss several tips that may aid you in ordering the right foods when you eat at a Chinese restaurant.

1. Don’t Eat Too Much

First and foremost, you should never eat too much. You need to understand that a couple of portions are the same as the size of a light bulb, inasmuch as a single portion can fit in the wrapper of a cupcake.

2. Steamed Rice is Preferable than Fried Rice

Rice is low in calories and fat and so it is always a good idea to order them. Lo main or fried rice is fried which means it is filled with calories, fat and cholesterol and thus should be avoided.

3. Stir Fried Veggies

Combine your order of rice with a wide variety of stir fried veggies cooked in minimal oil. The reason the foods in Chinese restaurants always taste so great is that they tend to use a lot of sauces and oils. Therefore, make sure you order foods with light sauce and light oil.

4. Avoid Fried Chicken

It is sometimes hard to resist ordering fried chicken because we all know how delicious it is. But however delectable it can be, eating it will take a toll on your waistline and your health.

5. Extra Sauces are Often High in sodium, So You Need to Avoid Them

Remember these few tips the next time you visit a Chinese restaurant. If you are attempting to lose some pounds, and dieting alone just won’t work, you need to do some daily physical activity and/or try tai chi or acupuncture in Bellingham. All are natural safe, and really effective ways to lose weight.

Written by Valerie

July 11th, 2017 at 12:14 pm

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