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A Brief History of Acupuncture

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The ancient Chinese were the first to discover acupuncture which was over 2000 years B.C. Acupuncture was first mentioned in a Chinese medical text called “Hwang Di Nei Juing.” Since then, it became the number one medical modality in ancient China.

During the 6th Century, the transportation in China improved. The Chinese people traveled far and wide bringing their knowledge and goods along with them throughout Asia. Apart from Buddhism, they introduced Chinese medicine and acupuncture to Japan.

In the 17th Century, a man named Waici Sugiyama sought for a simpler way to utilize acupuncture in which there would be less insertion of needles and therefore less pain involved. Several experiments and studies later, he was able to devise a small cylindrical tube through which as acupuncture needle is inserted. This technique is still being used today and is actually widely used by acupuncturists all over the world.

The 19th century saw the nadir in the use and popularity of acupuncture. This is because German and Dutch medicine rapidly became the go-to medical treatment for various types of disease even though acupuncture has been incomparable in its medicinal effects for thousands of years.

Presently, acupuncture is practiced in virtually all parts of the globe. Acupuncture in Japan still holds a prominent position in the country’s health care system. It has become a modality for pain management therapy In North America in a lot of clinics and hospitals. In 1994, a study showed around 15 million American or 6% of the population have tried acupuncture that led to cures of a number of several digestive conditions, nausea, arthritis, fatigue, and chronic pain.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA the next year designated acupuncture as a type of medical modality and guaranteed its effectiveness and safety.

In 1997, the NIH or National Institute of Health of the US issued a report entitled “Acupuncture: The NIH Consensus Statement” saying that acupuncture has proved to be effective in addressing various kinds of conditions. It said that acupuncture in Maitland is a very safe treatment compared to the side effects of treatments like surgery or drugs. According to the report, the NIH has advocated acupuncture to the insurance companies in the US to provide acupuncture for specific illnesses. This landmark report is one reason why acupuncture has risen in popularity and usefulness in the United States and Canada.

These days, acupuncture is now included in insurance plans and used in hospitals across the US. The application of this ancient traditional medical treatment can now become even more effective with the help of the new discoveries of medicines and drugs.

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April 4th, 2017 at 10:51 am

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