What Type Of Massage Therapeutic Technique Works Best For You?

Do you suffer from variable blood pressure, back pain? If so, you ought to consult with a massage therapist. Just a simple basic massage can give you relief not only from chronic back pain but also from pain caused by injuries or wounds. Massage therapy can help you relax and sleep better especially if take it on a regular basis.

There are over a hundred forms of massage therapeutic techniques offered by health clubs and massage parlors and it may be difficult for a person to choose the one best suited for him. You can either consult with a licensed massage therapist or try different techniques. Shiatsu massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and Acupressure are some of the more popular medical massage therapeutic techniques.

In the US, Swedish massage is quite a popular way to relax after a stressful day at work. The therapist would suggest this type of massage because it boosts circulation of blood in your body which thus helps relax the body. He or she may first use light massage on your body combined with good oil. The mild strokes of Swedish massage can help ease the tension occurring within the muscles.

Massage therapists may decide to use acupressure to help stimulate the ailing pressure points on the body. They use their fingers to apply pressure on affected points on the skin. This pressure helps noost blood flow and alleviates the tension that have been building up in the body allowing again fresh Chi or energy to flow inside the body. Traditional Chinese techniques such as acupressure and acupuncture use the same vital points on the skin. Acupuncture in Jacksonville uses needles but acupressure uses the fingers to help a person regain balance in the body, treat constipation and headaches, and alleviate menstrual cramps in women.

One other popular variant of massage is Deep Tissue Massage. This bodywork technique helps the human body to move freely and better. During treatment, the person may experience pain but he eventually gets relieved of his chronic aches and pains including tendonitis and other ailments caused by inflammation.

The Japanese finger pressure massage technique is called shiatsu massage. In this type of bodywork, therapists may use their knees, thumb, elbows, palms, and fingers, and sometimes, they may even walk on the person’s body in order to pressurize the pressure points. Shiatsu massage improves lymphatic and blood flow in the body.