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The Uses of Acupuncture West Orange

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Acupuncture West Orange is the use of very thin needles which are pricked into certain points of the body.  The underlying belief of acupuncture practice is that more than two thousand acupuncture points scattered all over the body are connected to twenty energy vessels called meridians running like invisible networks throughout the body.  These energy vessels convey vital energy called chi which means life force in Chinese.  The development of obstructions of chi in any of the meridians results in sickness, pain and disease.  Acupuncture thus is used to remove energy blockages in the meridians which lead to the removal of pain sickness and disease.

All types of human health conditions are the result of energy blockage in the energy vessels.  Removing these blockages will cure you from all types of diseases.  A typical acupuncture treatment involves the use of one to as many as twenty acupuncture needles inserted in strategic points on the body.  Some needles may be inserted on the skin surface while some may be inserted an inch or several inches into the skin.  The inserted needles are then typically left in those places for twenty minutes up to an hour.

The acupuncturists often tweak or manipulate the needles by jiggling them to enhance the effect of the treatment.  In some type of treatment like in treating high blood pressure, the needles are attached by wire to an electrical gadget that sends out mild electrical pulses to the needles.  This technique induces a faster and more enhanced therapeutic effect.  Acupuncturists also use herbs such as moxa that is burned at the holding end of the needle to eliminate negative energy in the body which goes out the body via the smoke of the burnt moxa

Acupuncture has been a long time treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain.  This treatment also is used in helping people stop smoking and many former smokers have stepped forward and witnessed to acupuncture’s power to help them rid of this negative habit.  Treatment for cigarette smoking usually involves the use of around five needles inserted on the outer ear and some on the wrists and hands.  The treatment may be combined with a concoction of Sichuan lovage rhizomes, wintergreen extracts of Evodia fruits and oil of cloves to help the smoker quit faster.

Acupuncture for allergies, psoriasis and acne have all proven effective.  Acupuncture has a particular way of making our immune system stronger.  Since these skin disorders often are caused in part by the inflammations in the blood vessels, acupuncture helps address this inflammation by boosting the production of white blood cells to lessen the inflammation.  Acupuncture is also noted in the treatment of both male and female infertility.  Actually is also even used in the treatment of all kinds of addiction.

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